Two FOs!

I actually have two FOs to show off today!  They are not great picturesElanora_socks, excuse the baby/puppy gate in the background, and it was hard to get the cables on the scarf to show up well.  I picked up the second sock on Friday night and finished it this evening.  The scarf has been done forever, I had planned to re-block it, but I think I won’t get around to it any time soon.  At any rate, here they are, Eleanora socks and Woven Cable Scarf.

  • Pattern – Eleanora socks by Miriam Felton
  • Yarn – Opal, don’t know the color, but isn’t it perfect?!
  • Needles – US size 0 and 1 CP dpns
  • Took me – two months
  • Comments – Yet another great pattern by Miriam, what else can you say?  This was my first time working with the Opal, and I have to say I really like it.  It was tough to get used to at first for me, but the finished product is great.
  • Pattern – Woven Cable Scarf by Miriam Felton100_1713
  • Yarn – Black Pearl Cashmere
  • Needles – US Size 4 KP Options
  • Took me – A few days short of a month
  • Comment – I love it!  It is simple but still really pretty, and the pattern was easy to follow. 

Another comment on the scarf – I got the yarn from the shop in the link, but after more searching for yarn for the wrap, I found Sarah’s Yarns.  She has cashmere and I swear it is the exact same yarn, and IMO the same color, for a much lower price.  I’d have to recommend going there instead of the first link because of that.  (Plus she has lots of other great yarns!)  I do plan on knitting the wrap, but I’m sure it will take me forever so don’t expect it any time soon – lol. 

**Edited to Add a slightly better photo of the scarf – I hope!  At least you can see the cables now.

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  1. both FO’s look great šŸ™‚
    Cheers Eva

  2. Just lovely! You’re amazing.

  3. You are a FO machine! They look amazing!

  4. Both FOs are so beautiful! I especially love the sock pattern, and what a great colourway you used for it! The scarf is equally gorgeous, it looks really warm and cozy! Great job!


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