Frog heaven, or hell

So my I knit too much on Monday night and my wrist started to really hurt yesterday.  I decided to 100_1661take a break from knitting, so I had to find other things to occupy my time.  I did do some spinning, I have almost 3 bobbins full of the Evergreen thrums shown in yesterday’s post.  I also decided to do some frogging.  Remember this?  (How about that?  I even had hair back then!)  I knit that during the Knitting Olympics.  Well I hadn’t worn it since, and I owned up to the fact that I probably never would wear it.  So I turned into this pile of kinky yarn!  I have to wash it and try to get it to relax still, but I was pretty proud of myself for actually getting it done.  The itty bitty skeins will probably become a hat for The Baby, and I don’t know what I’ll do with the rest.  I just might take my chances with dyelots and get more for a nicer sweater.  That’s about it, I’m making progress on Darling, I’ve moved on to the body and have done the first of 8 A-line increases.  I keep working little by little on the Ribby Shell, and the rest of the yarn has been shipped and should be here soon.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some good knitting progress to show.

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  1. Way to recycle! I have to say I wasn’t really feeling the sweater either, when I clicked that link, but it was nicely made.

  2. Twinsanity

     /  February 15, 2007

    Oh, no…YOU KILLED JESSICA!! I really liked her. *sob*


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