Things are shaping up

100_1573I’ve been working on seaming the blanket squares – I can’t believe no one wanted to help me!  Anyway, I’m 2/3 done and it is already annoying.  But I will be glad to get it done, and I think it’s going to look pretty great.  The sewing job is by no means perfect, but I’m afraid it will just have to do.  I’m hoping to get the other three squares done tonight, and start sewing them all together tomorrow so I can move on to the border.  So whadda ya think?!

In other knitting junk, I was going along on the second Winter’s Eve sock and I was ready to start the toe this morning.  That is, until I noticed I had 6 extra stitches – WTF?!  I cannot believe I didn’t notice it!  There was no way it would work, so I had to frog it all and do it right.  I might get it finished tomorrow.  What a boner move though.

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