The loot

100_1551First, thank you all for the great birthday wishes!  You grrrls rock!  For just another day, it was actually pretty nice.

The boyfriend is so nice, he got me exactly what I said I wanted.  We recently added HBO to our lineup, and I got to finally see Big Love and was instantly hooked!  So we went to two Costcos and found it at the second, that was last week and I’ve already watched every single episode.  What an interesting show, I like it a lot, but nothing will ever top Six Feet Under I’m afraid.  I don’t want to talk about that though, it just makes me sad 😦  I also jokingly/seriously told him I wanted a gift certificate to Unravelled Sheep for sweater yarn, and about $100 would cover it – lol!  Well he had me fooled until yesterday (I didn’t think he would get it for me), he usually calls me after he leaves work but has one stop to make before coming home.  He called after his first stop, which tipped me off that he had been somewhere else.  But I forgot about it, if you can believe it, until after we got home from our awesome dinner.  He didn’t say anything about it, so I said "No birthday yarn then, huh?".  He started giving all the lines, like ‘you don’t need more yarn’, and ‘I’m not going to break your stashalong’.  I really thought that he hadn’t gone to the LYS after all.  Five minutes later he brought it to me – he got me!  What a great boyfriend, I think he almost gets it!  I sure do love him 😀  Now I just have to decide what I want to get at the yarn store…

The restaurant was really, really good.  I love mexican food, and have been lost since the Taqueria San Marcos on 800 S. and State closed years ago.  I had a boyfriend from Honduras and when he wasn’t cooking (he was the best cook ever), that’s where we went.  Anyway, I’m skeptical of mexican restaurants because there are so many that just plain suck.  Finally, we’ve found a place again!  I won’t have to go without great mexican food when I really need it!  We did have fried ice cream and wow was it good!  The peach margaritas were nice too!  Oh, and the best chili rellenos I have had in forever, yum.  We both ended up getting the Iguana plate – an enchilada, chili rellenos, beef taco, and beans and rice.  It was a ton of food, and all of it really good.  The taco was the best I’ve ever had hands down.  The boyfriend had one thing he didn’t like, he said there was cinnamon in the enchilada sauce that he didn’t care for (ate it anyway though!), I didn’t mind it at all and thought it was quite good.  Even The Baby was in heaven with her monterey jack quesadilla, doesn’t take much to please her though.

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  1. Big Love is a hoot to watch, especailly for those of us in Utah. I miss SFU and think of it often, too!! Enjoy shopping;-)

  2. Looks like you had quite the birthday bash. Mmmm…tacos. Plus a man that supports your yarn habit? Sounds like a keeper. 😉

  3. Hey! Happy belated birthday.
    Welcome to 30..I am a few months ahead of you..and I am kind of likin’ it so far.
    My man not only supports my yarn habit..he knits as well…so he really get’s it. He even has a bit of a stash himself. lol.
    NOw you have made me hungry for good mexican..and being I am a So Cal native I have to say it is very hard to find GOOD Mexican up here in WA.
    Have fun with your GC..I got one for Christmas and have not used it yet because I can’t decide what I want!
    BTW..have you heard about the goodies you are going to get for being the first to finish Hidcote? I am so green with envy. =). Just was an amazing race to the finish line though.

  4. I just got the first disk of Big Love in the mail from Netflix yesterday. Looking forward to seeing it (I haven’t seen any episodes yet). Sounds like your birthday was perfect!

  5. Lauren,
    What can I say? You are made of better stuff then me..there’s no way I could have passed up a prize. Especially if it is knitting related!
    Thank you. It was fun to knit with you, and “compete” with you didn’t know that I was checking your blog everyday to see how far ahead of me you were. =)
    You inspired me with your work..and your dying, I’ve got to try that someday.
    Just ‘cuz we both are finished with Hidcote does not mean I am going to stop reading your blog. I can’t wait to see Starsky..that has been on my to-do list for awhile now.


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