100_1547_3I still don’t have pics of the scarf.  I decided not to re-block just yet, as I think I need to ask or look around for a better way to block than what I’ve been doing.  I think I’m threading the item wrong onto the wires, but I’m not sure what is the ‘right’ way.  Anyway.

I’ve been knitting along on the Darling coat.  I had started it before, but after looking at it yesterday I decided that the fabric was much too dense, so I frogged it and moved up a needle size100_1545  .  I made my way back to the point I had frogged at, then went on to divide the sections and start on a sleeve.  I am about 5 inches into the sleeve.  I think it will look great, what do you think?!  I know it isn’t perfect, but that is the whole point, and no way will I ever be spinnning perfect yarn (I don’t want to spin perfect).  I am almost done with the gigantic first skein, so I’ll need to get back to spinning a little bit every day.  100_1546

I did wind the cone yarn yesterday, but no knitting on the blanket.  I WILL do some today!  Honestly, there are only 7 squares left, it won’t take me all that long to get the knitting done, why don’t I just do it?!  I am a selfish knitter I guess, sorry sis 😦  Those babies aren’t getting any younger and they are growing too fast, so I had better get on it and get it done.   

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