No scarf just yet

I did a crappy blocking job and need to redo it today, so no pictures of the Woven Cable Scarf, sorry!  I also need to try and figure out how to get the Hidcote Shawl softened up.  I think the color remover did a number on it, and now it is kind of stiff, and not soft.  So I’m going to try a long wash, then a long s100_1535oak in fabric softener and see if it helps. 

I have been knitting away on Starsky, I am on the sleeves – which are huge.  I’m having faith in the pattern though, and I will keep blindly following the pattern and see what happens.  I’m doing both sleeves at once which is annoying, but it will be nice to have them both done at the same time.  I’m looking forward to moving on to the collar and belt, and then being done with it! 

Since the kitchen-waiting knitting worked so well for me, I’ve decided to continue with it.  I moved the Winter’s Eve Sock in there, and have been progressing little by little.  In a week or two I should have a finished pair of socks.  I think I’ll keep that knitting time reserved for socks, or something else that is simple and small.  It is pretty cool how much gets done with little bits of time here and there.

I have not wound the cone yarn yet.  Man, I am such a slacker!  I don’t know what I need to g100_1536et my butt in gear on that one – hopefully I’ll feel guilty enough and do it today.  I did finish another FO yesterday, the top-down raglan for The Baby.  All that was left was the neckband, which I didn’t do great on, but I’m calling this one my practice sweater.  It is still blocking, I’ll have a picture tomorrow, I think.  Bored to tears yet?!  Okay one last thing.  I’ve started making a list.  I’m going to slowly go through all of my knitting books/magazines and pick one thing from each that I want to try to make this year.  I know that I will not get to every single one this year, but I think it’s a good goal.  So far I’ve been through all of my Interweave Knits mags, one Vogue mag, Nature Knits, and the two SnB books. Okay, I’m done now – Happy Monday!

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  1. LOL… Even though I’ve got a pretty small knitting library I think that if I were to do the same thing my list would be ginormous 🙂
    You might be right… that stripping stuff might have ‘damaged’ the yarn a bit and made it stiff. I hope it will soften up some with the use of the fabric softener and so on.
    cheers Eva

  2. Hey fellow Starsky knitter. I’ve restarted Starsky last week, and I can’t wait to get to the sleeves. Maybe your sleeves are huge because of the 8″ ease. I made the sleeves before in a previous attempt, but don’t remember how big they were.

  3. Your Starsky is going to look amazing – I so love the pattern, it’s high up on my “Have to do” list as well! And yay for the list you’re making and your plan, what a great idea this is! Good luck with it!


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