Stash enhanncement

This is yarn I bought before the New Year people, I didn’t break my Stashalong yet!  100_1448I had an itch for sweater yarn, dumb huh since I probably won’t be knitting any sweaters anytime soon.  Who knows though, my pants are feeling pretty good today now that I’m down 3.8 pounds – woot!  That’s only in 5 days!  It will slow down after this week though, to a more normal pace of about 1.5 pounds per week.  Anyway.  There is more yarn than you see here, but I don’t need to totally embarass myself now do I?  I added to the  Berrocco Ultra Alpaca that I have, thinking that a sweater will be better than a scarf out of it.  The Valley Yarns will probably become something out of the Patons Street Smart book.  And the Kid Classic was just so yummy last time around that I thought I’d get some more.  I love all of it.  And you can’t go wrong with the discount WEBS gives, even if it isn’t on sale IMO.

Hidcote knitt100_1450ing was bad last night.  I knit for about 2 hours and what did I get?  2 freakin’ rows.  I just stopped paying as much attention and that’s when mistakes happen.  I had to tink 2 more rows, but I kept my cool again and just did it.  Isn’t the pattern change cool though?!  Hopefully knitting will go better today, if I get some knitting time.  I need a haircut and there is shopping to be done.  I also need to find a dog trainer for us, we definitely need it.  I read books, but I think we just need someone to be right next to us helping and telling us what to do.  Anyway.  Hope you have a good weekend!

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  1. Congrats on the weight loss! That is fabulous in 5 days!

  2. I saw that Berroco yarn – it feels so nice! I’m not familiar with the Valley Yarn, but it looks like it has a lovely sheen to it.


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