100_1457Are any of you Utah grrrls lace surgeons?!  I can’t believe I didn’t notice until 100_1455today, but I’ve made a big mistake on the Hidcote Shawl 😦  I want to fix it, but I don’t know if I could do it by dropping stitches.  My heart aches when I think of frogging all of those rows.  Ugh. 

On a totally unrelated and stupid note, here’s what we had for dinner.  When you’re on South Beach, you pretty much have to try new veggies and proteins or you get bored really quick.  Tonight we had Tilapia for the first time, and we di100_1454d some red chard Rachel Ray style.  Those might not go together, but they were both good!  I think I prefer the red chard over spinach, but I still like kale too.  I couldn’t believe it when the boyfriend said yes to the chard at the store, he’s pretty picky.  Anyway, I don’t know why we don’t eat better all of the time, being on the Beach isn’t bad at all!   Here’s The Puppy too, for good measure while I’m being all random.

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  1. OH NO! I am so sorry to hear about your shawl. I am sorry I do not have any suggestions for you, but I do feel your pain. (I am part of the KAL as well, that’s how I found you =) ).
    I hope you are able to get it fixed..I know you will one way or another.
    I must say, reading about your dilemma has made me put the lifeline into my shawl that I have been procrastinating up until now!
    Good luck!

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry about your problem with Hidcote! But I suck at laddering down to fix problems. I’ve been putting lifelines in my VLT shawl for that very reason. Perhaps Susan or Mim can come to the rescue. As for your dinner, I had Tilapia tonight too. With spinach – sauteed with garlic and pinenuts, with a sprinkling of Feta. Of course, it all came from Costco. And of course chard goes with Tilapia!

  3. I can’t do the ladder down thing either… If I have to fix a mistake like that I need to rip it all… nothing else will work..
    Food looks good… just missing something hihihhi.
    Cheers Eva

  4. Oy! I’m so sorry to hear about your shawl! I’m sorry that I’m of not much help when it comes to fixing errors, especially when it comes to lace – but I’m absolutely positive that one of the girls here will come up with the perfect idea for you to fix it! Good luck!
    Awww, that food looks so yummy, yay for the South Beach diet! And The Puppy – what a cutie!!!

  5. Mim is a great lace doctor; I’m sure she’d help out if you bring it to SnB! 🙂


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