A little less grumpy

100_1441So it’s day 4 of no carbs, and day 3 was a lot better.  I really tried to be in a better mood, and it worked.  I only got upset a few times, but I didn’t go into my bad place so I think I100_1442 did good.  I’m working on it again today.  It also helps to get in some good knitting time, which I did.  Not enough, but it was good.  I even have some lame pictures today!  I made it 17 rows into chart #6 on the Hidcote Shawl.  You can  see the pattern has started to change.  The cone was added for scale.  I’m still doing pretty well without making big mistakes, I had to tink a little bit yesterday, but  that was about it. 

I received some lovely yarn from Cookie as part of their destash for charity.  It is Karabella Majestic, in the100_1443 most perfect blue shade.  I hope you are ignoring my fugly on sale duvet cover there, not to mention the horrible flash.  I have 10 balls,  about 1200 yards and I’m thinking it will make a great sweater, but what?  I flashed on another Ariann, but I’m not sure.  Any ideas?  I know, I said no sweaters until I lost weight.  I’m just planning ahead 😉

So remember when I said I thought it took forever just to get anything done with a toddler?  And then it got tripled when I added the puppy?  Yeah.  Well it took me 3 hours today just to fix and eat breakfast, run the puppy on the treadmill for 30 minutes, and to clean the bathroom.  It would normally take me 20 minutes for the bathroom.  This is going to take a lot of getting used to *insert frustrated sigh and half-laugh here*.

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  1. Oops 😉 Well, yes, it seems things are taking a bit longer now to get accomplished – but still, they do get accomplished, and that’s what counts, no?
    I so love how your shawl is coming along – and yay for no carbs – I think by now you’re getting used to it, and you’ll soon feel the positive aspects of it! Good luck!


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