Day 3, still sugar free

So today is our third day on South Beach with no carbs.  I knew I was eating too many, but it obviously was way too many because I am really having some withdrawal here.  I am a total grouch and I’m losing my temper way too much with my two babies now.  I really need a chill pill.  I’m working on it today though, and I’m determined to not lose my cool.  Hey, I already admitted my non-perfectness as a mom, whadda ya want?!  Anyway, other than being a crazy grouchy person, I’m doing well on the ‘diet’.  I’m down 2.2 (yes I count decimals!) pounds since Monday and I’m feeling like I can really stick with it this time.  I can start to feel my body stabilize which is really the best part.

The Puppy is driving me nuts.  I think I need more crate time but I’m not sure how to do it since we are home all day with her.  I wish I could take her out for walks to burn off some energy, but not until she is all vaxed.  I did get her walking on the treadmill twice for 20 minutes each, hopefully it will help as I increase the time by 10 more minutes.  We do play with her, but not too much because every time we start, she goes nuts with the biting and I don’t want to reinforce that.  Any advice here would be great, I do post at a Cocker Spaniel board so I’m just kind of doing what I hear about there.

I have been knitting on the Hidcote Shawl exclusively.  I’m 4 rows into chart #6, woot!  It will be nice to have a change in pattern coming up in a few rows.  I’m hoping to get in as much as I can on it before I start class again next week.  I’ve actually been doing surprisingly well in not making mistakes.  I’m paying attention, and I’ve only had to tink back a little bit, not even whole rows as I usually do. 

I got a nice present for myself (among too many in December that I haven’t shown out of embarassment) from darn knit’s etsy shop.  It is really cute and I’ll be using it as a knitting journal.  I’ve admired her illustrations for a while now and I don’t think this will be the last thing I buy from her.  There is some really cool stuff there, check it out!

I thought I’d throw in my top 10 list from Costco here too, following the lead of Jacquie.  Here it is, in no particular order:

  1. String cheese.  We all love it, especially The Baby. 
  2. Chicken stock.  Organic free range, you can’t go wrong!
  3. Frozen salmon.
  4. Eggs in the carboard cartons. 
  5. Sliced turkey breast.
  6. 1% organic milk.
  7. Mixed nuts.
  8. Espresso beans.
  9. Vitamins and supplements.
  10. Books and dvds – we pick at least 1 a month of each from there.
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  1. no carbs??????????????????? Oh my… I’d rather be dead… actually when I got tested for food allergies one of the options was potatoes. I told the nurse that if I was allergic to them, I’d commit suicide.
    A bit of shameless selfpromotion: Did ya see my Hidcote on my blog :)???
    Cheers Eva

  2. Oh, the nuts! How could I have forgotten the nuts. Yes, I buy lots of those too. But instead of the mixed nuts, I usually buy the big bags of almonds and walnuts and keep them in the freezer – just pulling out what I need a bit at a time. And have you tried the canned Marcona almonds? Incredibly delicious. Congrats on the diet, and hang in there with the grouchy problem. It will pass!


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