Goals Schmoals

Remember the goals I set for December?  Well that was a complete bust!  Here they are again:

  1. Finish the baby blanket.  This means all sewed up, washed, and a fabric back sewn on.
  2. Dye and spin yarn for Darling (see first paragraph).
  3. Re-work Mariah .  I will attempt to do it without the hood, I want to try it with a collar similar to the one on Ariann.
  4. Finish the swatch for the Deep-V Argyle vest, or redo it if I need to.
  5. Finish the second energized sock.
  6. Make a pair of gloves for me and the boyfriend.

Big whoop huh?  I finished one.  I did get a pair of gloves done for me, and I decided to bag the Deep-V swatch for now, but that is really not a lot accomplished.  I did start a bunch of new projects though, that doesn’t really help me finish anything though.  So I’m still going to make crafty goals for this month, they did stay on my mind, I guess that’s better than not thinking about them at all.

  1. Finish the baby blanket, I mean it!
  2. Finish spinning yarn for the Darling sweater
  3. Finish the Hidcote shawl.
  4. Knit the second Elanora sock.
  5. Not buy any yarn!

Wish me luck!  I’m almost done with chart #4 on Hidcote.  I almost have two bobbins full of Darling yarn that will need to be plied.  I have to kitchener the toe on  the first Elanora sock and then knit the second.  I have 7 squares left to knit on the blanket, then I need to sew it all together and probably put a fabric back on it.  And buying yarn will be no problem, I overspent last month and have a ton of stuff on it’s way to my house – yes I have my best guilty look on my face right now!

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  1. I’d love to see that guilty look on your face! 😉 Wow, you’ve sure set quite some goals for yourself – and no matter when you’re going to finish all those projects, I know already that everything will be gorgeous! Happy knitting – and don’t stress yourself out too much!


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