2006 recap

*After reading comments I decided to frog the Winter’s Eve sock back to the first missing bead, and quickly did so that day so I wouldn’t change my mind!  Thanks!*

So 2006 has been a pretty good year.  I feel like I got a lot of knitting and spinning accomplished.  I’d list everything that I finished, but it would probably be really boring, besides you can just check out my photo album if you are really interested.  It’s 47 items or so, I’m sure there are little things that I did that I forgot to add.  I think the things I am most proud of are definitely Seraphim, Ariann, and the Log Cabin Baby Blanket.  I did the best job on those and I don’t think there was really any room for improvement.  I didn’t get quite as much spinning as I would have liked in, but that’s something to shoot for in 2007.  I also picked up another crafty thing, weaving on the triangle loom, which I haven’t really done any of and would also like to progress with it in the coming year.  I challenged myself with lace, knitting a sweater in a week for the Knitting Olympics, and tried to improve the overall quality of my knitting.  I think have definitely improved, I know I pay more attention and make less mistakes, when I do screw up, I fix it more often.  I will continue to look for challenges in my crafty endeavors in the next year. 

I picked up a lot of stash this year.  So much so that I now have a Wall O’ Stash!  I have big rubbermaid containers lining a wall in the weight room here and I seriously have no more room to add more.  I am determined not to buy any new containers for yarn, if I did I would also have to think about adding a room onto the house and well, that isn’t an option.  I did ditch my crappy acrylic (nothing against acrylic yo, it just needs to be in good taste and mine wasn’t!) so now I only have yarn that I like and I will enjoy knitting.  I did the same with my needles, trading in Clovers for Addis and Options.  I now believe in the importance of having quality tools in order to do quality work!  It really feels so much better having only stuff that I like to use around ๐Ÿ™‚

I also did some crazy out of character for me things this year.  Like, oh I don’t know, shaving my head!  It was very unlike me to enroll in college, but I’m so glad I did it.  It was also not like me to pick up and go on vacation, but I am also very happy that I did that!  One thing I’m not happy about is gaining weight this year.  And on to the life changes, which are really no big deal and I hope I don’t let those who were interested down – lol!  They are basically resolutions, but I am determined to make them happen and continue to happen, thus life changes they will be.  The first is that I kind of suck when it comes to ‘schooling’ The Baby.  Yes, she is still little, but she will be 3 in February and I think it’s about time I got down to business with regular reading, crafting, and playing.  I’m admitting I’m not the world’s best mom, I do try though, and I will try harder.  Next is the weight thing.  I gained a lot of weight when I got pregnant, and yes I’ll even admit to how much – 70 pounds, yikes!  Well when she was a year old I finally decided it was time to ditch the weight, and I did – about 60 of it in about a year, all of it done the old-fashioned way with eating right and exercise.  This year I’ve been totally slacking, and using food in ways that I shouldn’t and it has come back to bite me in my (big) ass.  So I’ve gained about 20 pounds this year, and I’m ready to take it back off and then some, and keep it off too.  Tomorrow the boyfriend and I are starting the South Beach ‘diet’, we’ve done it before and it really worked and was great, so we are doing it again and sticking with it.  I’m going to get back in shape sooner rather than later, if I can find time to exercise again that’d be great too.  The last life change is about money.  I’m in debt, as many people are.  It’s not a horrible amount, I guess that everyone has a comfort zone and I’ve been there, but it isn’t comfortable to me anymore.  I’m making a budget, sticking to it, and I’m going to work my way out of my debt.  It will probably take me a few years to get totally debt-free, but I have to start to ever get there and the time is now.  So no more yarn for a little while!  Anyway, Happy New Year to you all, and I hope yours is a good life this year!

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  1. Whew! It does sound like a pretty good year overall, and it sounds like you’re pretty upbeat for taking on the new challenges. Good for you! My husband and I need to get on a diet too – we never took off the weight we gained a year ago on a cruise, and we’ve got another one coming up soon. He’s already going to have to have his tux let out or there’s no way it will fit.

  2. Good for you! Look at all the great things you’ve accomplished this year!
    And before 3, it’s kind of impossible to do any organized preschooling, so IMHO, you’re right on time. I’m sure you’re a fabulous mother.
    If you want, I’ve got a list of preschool-appropriate resources an avid home-schooler I know has compliled. I can email it to you or bring it Tuesday if you’re interested.

  3. Good luck with all of your life changes! ๐Ÿ™‚


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