Some new beginnings

100_1425In knitting, that is.  I started the Woven Cable Scarf yesterday and it has been lifting my spirits, only slightly though.  That is my fault, the yarn and pattern are just wonderful.  The yarn is like butter and it just flows and knits up so nicely.  I am in love with this yarn.  It makes me want to knit up the other cashmere I got from OFFF!  Anyway, I just now finished with the cable chart and have loads of ribbing to go – it should all be a very pleasurable experience.  The picture isn’t great, sorry.

I wore my Cedar Creek Socks the other day, and noticed just how awesome they really were, an100_1424d I decided I needed another pair.  So I casted-on last night with STR Red Rock.  So far I’m not totally convinced that I still like this colorway, but I will keep on and finish the socks and I am sure that they will be great.  I bought the yarn ages ago and I tried knitting it up once, but ended up frogging because I didn’t like the results.  I don’t know what made me choose it for these socks, but it must be fate so I’m rollin’ with it.

I’ve been pretty bummed out the last week or so, I don’t really know why.  Having the puppy here is causing me to make some MAJOR adjustments to my life , and I guess I don’t like uncertainty (as in whether I’ll ever get back to my schedule I was so used to).  I know this is selfish of me and I need to give my time and energy to the babies, and that I will do.  I just needed to vent about it.  When they both are not obeying me and driving me nuts, it gets pretty hard to keep a good attitude!  Hey, I never said I was a perfect mom and I never will be.  I reserve the right to not be happy about being a parent every once in a while as needed.  I also just feel like I’m not accomplishing anything worthwhile and dissatisfied with myself for no real reasons.  Blah.  I’m hoping that some changes next week will pull me out of my slump so I can relax about everything and move on.  Nina’s been sick this week, too, which has not been fun for either of us.  Hopefully her medicine will also lift her health and spirits.  Okay, bitching and whining over!  I’m going back to my *drool* cashmere!

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  1. I don’t like it when my schedule gets messed up either. Just when you think you’ll have uninterrupted knitting time–BAM–you have to go on Mom duty. Hopefully the puppy will get into his own routine soon and you’ll be back to normal. 🙂

  2. Hope the baby feels better quickly, as that will help. Puppies are a ton of work but they do grow up and mellow. Let that puppy know you’re the boss, however. They do know how to take advantage. Doesn’t he ever sleep?
    Hugs to you Lauren.

  3. Like you, I get pretty grumpy when my schedule gets messed up for whichever reason. But I think that the lil’ one will find his routine soon, and things will get better then! And all the best to Nina, hope she’ll feel better soon! Good luck!


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