When it’s freezing outside…

It’s really hard to actually enjoy being there.  It’s also hard to get a puppy to walk.  It’s hard to not get really irritated when your kid takes off to run up a snowy hill in a park and you can’t get the puppy to follow you.  It’s hard to hold The Baby in one arm and The Puppy in the other.  All that said, today’s walk went much better if you can believe it.  We made it down to the traffic light no problem (a little more than half of a big block), all that other stuff happened on the way back to the house.  At least we all had hand knits to keep us as warm we could get!

I did some spinning yesterday and I have another half bobbin full of the Darling Yarn.  I did some knitting on the Elanora sock and I’m a little more than halfway done with the foot.  I hope to do more spinning and knitting today, so maybe I’ll have get to the toe on the sock and have a full bobbin.  We’ve been back from the walk for 10 minutes and I am still freezing – maybe I’ll have another latte.  Stay indoors people, it’s much nicer there!

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