I got an A- in my Math class!  Yay!!  I thought for sure I wouldn’t get higher than a B, so that is freakin’ great!  Wish me luck in my upcoming English class so I can do the same!  100_1360

I received my STR package for the month, and sadly, the last package for the club year.  I’m still undecided as to whether I will continue with the club, we’ll see.  Anyway I am sooo in love with the yarn!  I’m pretty sure I will be 100_1355making the pattern with the specified yarn this time.  I made sure and got some knitting done on the Elanora sock yesterday.  I am on the foot now, woot!  The puppy is still a lot of hard work.  We tried to go for a walk, me and my two babies, it worked for about half a block and then it all went to hell :lol  The Baby wanted to walk in the snow at the park, and I ended up carrying them both home with her screaming in my ear.  What a sight we must have been!  Maybe today’s will be better, I hope.  We made it all day yesterday with only one accident in the house (and thank god it was in the kitchen!) so I think we are making great progress with the housetraining!  Sleeping is good too, I have her crate propped up on my hamper so she can sleep ‘next’ to me.  No crying or whining, which is just fine for me.  We’re having a Christmas party here on Saturday, and I should be cleaning but I really cannot find the time with all that’s going on.  Hopefully I’ll at least get some cookies or something made.  That’s all I’ve got today.  I’m hoping to get some spinning done on the Darling yarn today while the babies are sleeping.

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  1. Elenora is a great sock (have I said that before);-) I loved both colors of the sock club and it was fun to await the package each month, but I have yet to knit one of the skeins and my sock yarn collection is way too big already…so I’m passing on this year.

  2. The Eleonora socks are coming along nicely. The puppy is soo cute.

  3. That is AWESOME! An A is an A, btw, minus or not! Go, 4.0 grrl!
    Personally, I’m always glad to see other mommies carrying around their screaming kids. Makes me feel less alone!

  4. My gosh, what a cute, cute puppy this is – I’d *so’ love to cuddle it! And yay for the A, that’s amazing – what a great achievement!
    I really love the sock yarn you got, it looks every bit as soft and cozy and yummy as you described it – and the socks are going to be gorgeous!


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