The new member of our family

100_1327Meet our new puppy!  This is the secret I was keeping, the reason why I’m sure my knitting and spinning time will be cut down.  She is a cocker spaniel that I got from Rhonda at ShadowCast Cockers.  She is the sweetest thing!  We got back from the airport about an hour ago from picking her up, after getting a little lost if you can believe it (us? get lost?!).  She’s still a little timid right now, but I’m sure she’ll get used to us crazy people soon enough.  So far we all really like her, The Baby a little too much so.  It will be tricky making sure she doesn’t feel left out since she’s always been the center of attention. 

So I’m open to name suggestions, I’m toying with a few and the ones that I like so far are Ellie and Shirley.  What do you think her name should be?!  I’m so happy to have a dog again, it’s been a long time.  So that’s it, my big secret!

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  1. Awww, she’s cute!
    You can’t name her Ellie, though. That’s my name. 😛

  2. Oohhhh what a cutie!!!! I think if you let The Baby have part in taking care of the doggie she’ll not get jealous. Like it will be her responsibility to make sure there’s always water in the doggie bowl.
    How about Sophie or Susie. I think it should be a name that you can easily say when she’s done something that she shouldn’t. I’d go with Sweetpea hihihi, but then again all my electronics are called Sweetpea (PDA, iPod, cell, etc.).
    Cheers Eva

  3. She’s a doll!


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