My So-Called Scarf and Darling yarn

100_1307My last FO to show this week is My So-Called Scarf in Malabrigo.  I love Malabrigo, it is so soft and so pretty!  I knit it on size 11 needles, and it is much more pleasing than the first So-Called scarf that I knit.  Not that the first one was really bad, I just wouldn’t pick the same yarn again.  Anyway, official stats on this scarf: 

  1. Pattern – My So-Called Scarf
  2. Yarn – Malabrigo in Olive Green
  3. Needles – KP US size 11
  4. Took me – About two weeks
  5. Comments – What else can you say about this pattern?  It’s a really cool stitch that shows off variegated yarns so well.  I almost wish I were keeping it for myself.  The finished dimensions are about 5" X 80".

So I thought I’d show the other scarf in the same pattern, and I wa100_1310s actually able to find it this morning, what a bonus!  I knit this around the time that I discovered Three Wishes thanks to Teri – thanks Teri!  It also soon became my favorite LYS.  Anyway, the yarn was some soy silk blend by Conjoined Creations.  I liked it when I bought it, but it was kind of hard to knit with and I ended up not liking the colors all that much toward the end of the scarf.  Oh well, it is still kind of useful – I do wear it occasionally.  Live and learn I guess!

I100_1313_1 n other stuff.  I thought I’d show off the blanket my big sis made for The Baby, since she claims she i100_1314s not that good of a knitter – ha!  Sometimes I wonder about her, she says she’d rather cross-stitch than anything – are we really related?!  Just kidding if you’re reading this big sister!  Forgive me because they are not the world’s greatest pictures.  It is a good sized blanket that she can still use today, and check out the ribbon, isn’t it too cute!  See, she lies, she is a good knitter ๐Ÿ™‚

Also in other stuff, I have begun the spinning of yarn for the  Darling coat.  I am shooting for the singles to be about 22 wpi, so I’ll get around an 11 wpi yarn when they are plied together.  So far I’ve been able to spin pretty consistently with hardly any slubs or crappy joins, which is huge for me.  I also realized that I could probably be pulling the roving apart in a 100_1311_1more sensible manner.  I usually take a piece off that is about 2-3 feet long, then pull those apart and draft those.  I just realized last night that I could split the very, very long pieces and then just draft those for a really long piece that I wouldn’t have to do a million joins on.  Another big DUH over here, I swear sometimes I make things so difficult for lack of exploring any other options.  I tend to just jump in and try to find what works for myself, rather than trying to find out what other people do and what might work better.  And let’s just say that I had a little too much ‘fun’ when I was a teen, and as a result some of my brain cells have left me.  I don’t always ‘get it’ right off the bat.  Anyway, here’s the yarn so far, I’m almost to the end of one of the 4 oz. balls of roving and I’ll try to do some every day.  Hopefully I’ll get it done before December is over, but I’m not holding my breath, you’ll find out why this weekend.  That’s all I’ve got for today, I have some new  WIPs and i just may have The Baby’s top-down raglan done today if I decide to work on it.

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  1. Pretty scarves, and a big Woo-Hoo on the spinning. I’ve still got to catch the spinning bug. ๐Ÿ™‚


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