Seraphim revealed

As promised, an FO!  But first, I am an aunt again!  My little sister gave birth to a girl on Wednesday, so I am an aunt again!  This makes 4 grandchildren for my parents, all girls.  I haven’t seen her yet, but I will on Tuesday, and I’m sure she will be as cute as can be. 

Seraphim_outside2I finished Seraphim last week!  I’d like to say I enjoyed the entire project, but I didn’t.  The pattern I loved, even though it is a little boring at first in all stockinette, but once you get to the lace part it obviously gets exciting.  The yarn is my own, and I did NOT enjoy spinning it.  It was a grab bag of alpaca that had lots of junk in it, and it was not fun to try and pick all of it out while spinning.  It did turn out quite lovely when all was said and done, and I am pretty dang proud of it!  You can see the color change where the fiber did get darker, I’ve decided that I really like it that way.  The weather was rainy Sunday when we took the picture, and we waited too long so it was too dark.  But I think you can still get a good idea of what it looks like.  So I love the pattern, as I do pretty much all of Miriam’s designs and I’m so satisfied with it!  It just seems like such an achievement having Seraphim_outsidespun the yarn myself, did I say I was proud?!  Anyway, here are the specs.

  • Pattern – Seraphim by Miriam Felton
  • Yarn – Alpaca, spun by me
  • Needles – KP size 5
  • Took me – Nov. 20th to Dec. 6th
  • Comments – I love it!  Miriam does such great patterns that are easy to follow and a joy to knit.
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  1. BEAUTIFUL! It’s such a nice pattern and I love how warm it is. Wear it well.

  2. Your Big Sister

     /  December 11, 2006

    I thought our parents had 7 grandchildren…? 6 girls and now 1 boy. What are we, chopped liver? ;P (Ally)


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