Cheese and the coast

100_0520 100_0511_1 100_0508 100_0498 Friday on our trip took us to the coast of Oregon.  We drove for a few hours through100_0500  a national forest, at least one if not more, I’m not sure!  There was just so much of it, and it was so beautiful and peaceful and cal100_0522ming.  I was in heaven the whole ride there.  Living in Utah all of my life, I have seen trees,100_0525 lots of them, and a few national forests.  But I was so surprised when we were in an Oregon forest.  They just seemed so strong and majestic.  I hope nothing ever happens to all of those trees, I would just be devastated.  I think everybody knows that there is just something about nature that makes you feel so connected and so small at the same time.  We saw lots of countryside too, which was also nice and comforting.

T100_0530he first stop that morning was the Tilamook Cheese Factory.  I knew of it and wasn’t really plan100_0533_1ning on going there as it was further north than I wanted to be, but the boyfriend put his foot down.  The Baby is infatuated with cheese, and we just had to go, for her.  So we did.  It was pretty cool, there isn’t much to it, but you can take a self-guided tour and see the cheese in the making.  Then you can have samples of fresh cheese – the squeaky curds are the best!.  And you can’t leave without having some ice cream, o100_0549f course. 100_0538 We had blueberry cheesecake and pumpkin, yum! 

After that, we headed south for some coastal sights.   We really didn’t get as many pictures on the coast as we would have liked.  The Baby took a really long nap, and we didn’t want to stop the car too often, so alot of the shots didn’t come out.  We were definitely on t100_0553he scenic byway t100_0557hough, and it was so worth it.   We went through Lincoln City,  Depoe Bay, Newp100_0581ort, and all the way down to Florence.  We even found a yarn shop!  That was Dharma Yarns in Lincoln City, we were just out walking and there it was.   We stopped in, but I saved my money, nothing really stood out to me.  On a side note, I thought it was interesting that no business would let you use the restrooms.  We didn’t ask, there were 100_0560_4just signs all over, and on the main street there are public restrooms like you would find at a park.  Complete with no soap even, yay! 


After Lincoln City we just kept driving.  That’s when The  Baby fell asle100_0561ep, and we couldn’t really have stopped an100_0596yway.  The road was pretty narrow, not really much place to stop except in the towns.  Depoe Bay looked wonderful, and I so wanted to sit down and eat in t100_0601he restaraunt that looked over the ocean.  Sadly we just went right on through.  We passed the Sea Lion Caves (one of our destinations) and went through to Florence.  By then it was time to eat, so we picked the tastiest looking place and went in.  It was one of those mom and pop places, only one 100_0605 100_0617 100_0625 100_0639 waitress with a room full of people, and I think she was running the fish store next door too!  They didn’t have any salmon that day so I was stuck with Seafood Chowder, which was pretty good even though I don’t like shrimp.  That was our second meal of the day, and it kept me full for the rest of the day!  We turned right back around and headed to the Sea Lion Caves.  This was truly awesome.  You have to hike down to this elevator, 100_0642_1 100_0653 which takes you 208 feet down to the cave.  The sign was not too reassuring!  We plunged down there anyway, and it was worth the 100_0693 100_0683 risk.   There were only a handful of them, and it was really really hard to get a decent picture.  Being in the cave that was formed 25 million years ago that is the length of a football field and 12 stories high was indescribable.  Just another one of those things, it was too cool.

Last stop was the beach, finally!  We stopped at Ona Beach, only 2 other people besides us so we 100_0715 had it all to ourselves.  It was getting cold, and the sun would start to go down soon.  We just wanted 100_0690 to get closer to the ocean and walk on the sand.  The Baby 100_0695 had so much fun running around and watching the wind blow the sand across the surface.  She didn’t want to leave, and niether did I, ever!  I think if the boyfriend ever makes a few million dollars, we are moving up there and having a vacation house on the coast!  Okay, I’m awake again.  That pretty much sums up our day.  We had wanted to see the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse and the Oregon Coast Aquarium, but they both closed at ridiculous hours (4 and 5 o’clock!) so we were too late.  It took us about 4 hours to get back to the hotel and it was well past 11:00 pm, making for a really long day.  I had the best time and I can’t wait to go back!  Sorry for the picture overload, I just didn’t want to leave anything out!  Tomorrow is the fiber festival, finally, which will be the final day of our vacation.

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Love the pic of the pelicans on the beach!

  2. LOL this is way too funny… we were staying 2 blocks down from Dharma Yarns!!! I loved the shop on the outside. Was a bit disappointed by what was on the inside. There was a really cute/neat shop in Newport though. I did a lot of damage in that one 🙂
    A pity you didn’t go to the Aquarium in Newport. The Baby would have loved the aquatic petting zoo with starfish and so on 🙂 And the sea otters.
    Cheers Eva


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