Let’s have some vacation pictures

100_0213You may have forgotten I went on vacation, because it was so long ago and I hardly posted anything100_0217 about it.  Well now I will.  It might not be the most exciting stuff you’ve ever seen or read, but here it is anyway.  The first day we left for the airport in the afternoon and hung out there for a few hours until it was time to board.  The Baby had fun with the toys.  This w100_0221as our view most of the way to Oregon.  We are such good 100_0226parents that we let The Baby watch movies on the portable DVD player as much as we could.  When she wasn’t able to watch, we were those bad parents that let their kid scream on a crowded airplane, yay!  By the time we got there it was dark already, and soon after getting the rental car we were kicking ourselves for not getting the GPS.  Don’t kid yourself by saying ‘it will be more adventurous!’.  It won’t.  We did have a bunch of printed maps from Mapquest, so we weren’t totally lost the whole time.  There wasn’t too much excit100_0234ement the first night, other than actually finding our way to a hotel and ordering a dri100_0236nk from room service. 

Our second day was dedicated to seeing the sites around Portland.  We found our way to a cute litte restaraunt, and were glad that it was really early because apparently it isn’t the kind of place you take a toddler (she was pretty good though).   I loved that so much of the highways were so green.  Our first stop was the Oregon Zoo.  This place was really, really c100_0267ool.  There is so much to see, we were there for at least 3 hours100_0239.  I thought our zoo was neat, but it’s got nothing on this place.  It was, of course, so green, and it was lightly raining most of the time we were there  so it almost seemed like it really was the jungle or something.  They had bats, I’ve never seen bats before!  There were mountain goats too.  I started to feel ba100_0325d for the monkeys though, there were just so many and they really did not look happy.  Cement 100_0252walls and metal tree branches just don’t cut it I think.  Anyway.  There was a mini-farm, complete with sheep. 

One of the coolest parts was watching the sea lions.  We got there just when two of the 100_0346zookeepers came to practice tricks and brush their teeth and whatnot.  They are amazingly huge, and well, just amazing!  I had no idea they could roll over and stuff, it was really cool to get to see them that close.  At least they got to have som100_0333e fun during their day.  We took a train ride through the zoo when we were finished walking through 100_0396it, which was a welcome break for me!  It was quite a bit of exercise going up and down and around, while toting The Baby.  We all had a really great time, and I’m missing it now as I type this.  There’s not much else to say about it, a zoo is a zoo, right?  We have tons more pictures from here, a100_0387nd maybe I’ll make them into an album for the sidebar sometime soon.  I think that’s enough pictures crammed into one post, so stay tuned tomorrow for the Japanese Garden – you don’t wanna miss it!


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  1. Oh, I love travel stories – and yours is exceptionally great! You sure made me want to go there, it seems you had such an amazing time! Thanks also for sharing these great pics – looking forward to seeing many more, especially from the Japanese garden!

  2. Great pictures, it looks like a fabulous time was had by all.


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