Random stuff and Backyard Leaves


First, thanks for all of the comments and input on Mariah!  I think I’ve decided to frog and re-work the top100_1248.  I’m just not that happy, and I know it could be great if I spend some more time on it.  So thanks, again!  If you didn’t weigh in on it, please do, I want to hear what everyone thinks.

We made our first gingerbread house!  The Baby helped a little, but was more interested in eating the candy.  I’m still kind of in sugar shock, we used sooo much candy.  It was really fun though.  I definitely plan on doing an even bigg100_1266er one next year. 

I’m planning a project for The Baby.  I will do my best to abstain from starting it until I finish the blanket, but I cannot make any promises.  The pattern is Darling from The Garter Belt.  I saw it and I just knew that I had to make it for her, isn’t it too adorable?! The fiber is a pound of natural merino.  The dye is Stringybark by Gaywool.  I will dye the merino, attempt to spin the yarn as 2-ply, and knit this coat for The Baby.  She deserves it, and I’m starting to appreciate more how insanely cute baby and toddler knitted items are.  I am of the opinion that I need to knit more of these small items.  Anyway, I think that this project is very ambitious and should be very fulfilling, provided that I can actually f100_1271ollow through with the whole thing.  I’ve started dyeing yesterday, and it is looking good so far!  I also spun up some roving as kind of a practice to get the weight I need.  I didn’t quite get it, I got 5 st./inch instead of 4.  The yarn turned out pretty neat anyway though.  I just kind of put tons of different colors in spots all over the roving and this is how it turned out.  I got about 120 yards out of it, it is really soft and I like it. 

Backyard Leaves scarf is done!  I had to model my new jacket too!  It’s an early Christmas present, it’s this one and I love it!  It is a little stiff, I think I just need to break it in.  The stats on the scarf:100_1230

  • Pattern – Backyard Leaves scarf from Scarf Style
  • Yarn used – Berroco Ultra Alpaca
  • Needles – KP Size 8
  • Took me – 22 days (I took breaks)
  • Comments – I love it!  It was meant to be a gift but I can’t bear to part with it.  The yarn is really yummy too.

I will be making some goals for December.  I feel pulled in all directions and so I think it might help me gain some focus.  So far this is what I’ve got.

  1. Finish the baby blanket.  This means all sewed up, washed, and a fabric back sewn on.
  2. Dye and spin yarn for Darling (see first paragraph).
  3. Re-work Mariah .  I will attempt to do it without the hood, I want to try it with a collar similar to the one on Ariann.
  4. Finish the swatch for the Deep-V Argyle vest, or redo it if I need to.
  5. Finish the second energized sock.
  6. Make a pair of gloves for me and the boyfriend.

I think that’s enough, I don’t really want to get overwhelmed!  If I don’t get distracted, which is far too easy for me, I should be able to do it all, or most of it anyway.

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  1. Wow, that IS a lot of candy! I’m glad you decided to re-work Mariah’s hood. It’s a shame to think “Gee, I hate this hood” everytime you go to put it on after all of the work you put into it. 🙂

  2. Nice jacket!
    Seems like a lot of December goals to me! Make sure you take the time to relax a little; I’m kind of freaking out myself about all the stuff I have to get done.


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