Boring us all to death with squares

I still don’t have any pictures of Mariah or Backyard Leaves.  I don’t like doing self-portraits and I keep forgetting to have the boyfriend take any, so you’ll have to wait for that.  I guess I do have unblocked floor pics of both, but those are boring so I’ll spare you. 

In even more boring baby square news, I am up to 27 finished, only 9 more to go!  I get mor100_1222e and more excited with each one finished, even though when I do finish knitting the squares, I have a lot more work to do.  I will still have to sew the squares together, and then knit a border, and then I will attempt sewing some kind of fabric to the back of the whole thing because the seams are going to be crazy.  I decided to go with random sewing, and just for fun and a break I started last night.  I had problems with the middle of the square, but I think it will be acceptable.  What do you think?  I suppose it will mostly be these colors pictured, just alternating first row colors.  I could have done large squares with the same two colors only, but I figured it would be nicer this way.  That’s all I’ve got today.  I think next week I will show vacation pictures (only two months overdue!) from Oregon, if anyone is interested.

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  1. I think your vacation photos involve fiber SO of course we’re interested;-)

  2. The squares are lovely and the vacation pictures are welcome.

  3. Wow, you’ve certainly been busy knitting squares – I *so* can’t wait to see the finished thing, it’s going to be amazing! But all that sewing will be an immense job, poor you!
    Oh, and mind you, each and every vacation pic you’re going to post will be highly appreciated – I’ve still not found myself back here after my trip, so everything that’ll make me think of travelling and vacations will be a huge relief for moi! 😉

  4. I’m not bored with squares!


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