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100_1190_1I made 5, yes 5 pies to take to my mom’s for Thanksgiving, whew!  I wanted to take a nice picture as I was so proud of them, but I completey forgot!  It was too funny, we always have way too much pie, almost one per person this year!  But it’s nice, that way people can take some home with them and keep enjoying.  I really liked making the pies completely from scratch, even scraping out and roasting the pumpkins.  Yummy!   Ooooh, I even did my first lattice crust that was oh so perty.  I am so easily pleased.

I finish100_1191_3ed a few things in knitting, another hat for a special baby, which makes all of the hats complete.  I started and finished a melt-your-heart bootie last night after finishing the hat, it is just too precious and I can’t wait to see a tiny foot in it!  They will be for my little sister, but I think I’ll probably have to search through the stash and make more for the older sis.  I also completed the bright and crazy fair isle-ish sock.  I’ve been struggling with Seraphim, frogging lots of rows, but I’ve stayed strong and made it 1/4 of the way through chart 2.  I won’t have much longer until I need to get the rest of the fiber spun up.  I’ll have to do lots of homework the next few days so I unfortunately won’t have lots of knitting time 😦  I’ve started working out again too, which takes an hour away from the fiber time as well.  Sigh.  There is never enough time, is there?

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  1. Aren’t you the Pie Goddess!
    What pattern did you use for the baby cardi? And how much yarn did it take?


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