The useful yarn

100_1171Is not so bad after all.  After being washed it softened up quite a bit.  It’s not like cashmere, but it’s not scratchy so much anymore.  I started knitting it this morning, it will become Seraphim (if I end up having enough yarn!).  Does it make me a geek that knitting this new project is all I can think about?! 

I finished the knitting on my first Backyard Leaves scarf last night too.  Again, the yarn is Berocco Alpaca and it is just loverly.  I’m thinking I will have a hard time giving this scarf away I like it so much!  I still  have to figure out how to sew the thing together though, so it is still in unblocked in pieces100_1172_1

That’s all I’ve got for today, I have a math test later on so I get to spend The Baby’s nap time (if she actually takes one) studying for it.  I’m going to do my best to make it to SnB tomorrow, circumstances here have been a little crappy and I just haven’t been up to it, but right about now  I can really use a break!  P.S. The actual color of the yarn is more like the picture to the right, it really looks purple up there in the corner doesn’t it?!

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  1. Break a leg on your exam!
    Why is the color so different? Bizzare.
    Pretty color!

  2. Mmmmm seraphim. Good choice. Hope you got all the crap out of it.


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