I do still spin

100_1168PSA – never ever buy a grab bag of fiber!  And always inspect fiber before you buy it!  I picked up a grab bag of alpaca while at the Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair, I don’t even remember the company I bought it from.  I thought I would spin it up (this was at least a month ago) an100_1169d see what happened.  Well I got so sick of picking little bits of nature out of the fiber that I almost went crazy today.  I spun and spun and spun, and I finally made it to a point where I could ply.  Then I plied and plied and plied, and lo and behold I have approximately 400 yards of 2-ply alpaca.  See the blurry close-up shot, I don’t know what weight it is, but it seems like a fingering weight.  I’m not excited about it, because who knows what pokey things are still in this yarn!  I have decided though, that it will be useful yarn (alpaca is warm, right?!) and that I should continue spinning the rest of this shit fiber.  Who knows, maybe it will become a shawl or something – it is not the ugliest yarn ever and a shawl won’t necessarily be right next to my skin.  I should get back on the wheel so I can get closer to spinning something that I will actually enjoy the process of.

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