Are you tired of the dyeing yet?

So I got busy with the dye again last night!  100_1141 And I finished another sock!  The sock is knit with 72 stitches again, and you can tell it is baggy saggy on me.  Oh well, I really just wanted to get it knit up to show off.  I did a picot cuff which I think is uber-cute with the yarn, and a star toe which I am liking more and more.  Whatcha’ think?!  I did the painting with a foam bru100_1148sh on this one, and I think it turned out a lot better than what I’ve been doing.  The separations in color don’t run onto each other as much, a big improvement. 

The Baby really wanted to help model this morning, so here ya’ go. I did 4 skeins last night, 2 of the regular superwash and 2 of the donegal blend.  The donegal didn’t turn out so I’m going to try again later today.  I went from too much dye to not enough, so I still need some more tweaking.  The ones pictured are self-striping.  The yellow and orange should have a little fair-islish100_1137  pattern going on, and the red and blue I just kind of threw stuff on for lack of a better idea at that moment.  It should still be pretty cool.  I’ve decided the Gaywool dyes pretty much suck for painting though, that or I am just clueless at what I’m doing.  It’s probably the latter but we just won’t talk about that okay?  Stay tuned, I’ll start knitting again when the yarn dries – I’m so impatient!   Have a good weekend 🙂

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  1. Never get tired of the dyeing! It’s really fun to see your stuff! Thanks for visiting, too.


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