A finished sock

100_1123So I finished the sock  swatch I was knitting.  What do you think?  Seeing it knit up into an actual sock, I am more pleased with this yarn.  It’s definitely different and interesting.   I also got the yarn that I dyed yesterday re-skeined (even though it wasn’t completely dry), a100_1111nd even though I made plenty of mistakes with this yarn, I still like it.  It is self-striping, but I still think it isn’t quite what I meant to do.  I still need practice and more tweaking in my brain.  I definitely used too much dye, I need to rethink my application technique I guess.  I’m hoping to get another swatch done with this new yarn today, even though I should be knitting squares.  I also want to wrap and dye another skein today if possible.  I did do some roving yesterday as well, but I can’t get a decent pic, and it’s pretty boring, just some really dark blue.  Anyway.  If there is anyone out there reading, have a great day!

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  1. I usually reskein before it’s totally dry, too- it’s so hard not to! I really like both of them.

  2. Both the sock and the yarn are GORGEOUS! I haven’t gotten into dyeing yarn yet except some Kool-aid wool a few years ago. It stank so bad that my husband made a “no koolaid wool ” rule… bleh!


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