Sock yarn swatch

I didn’t want to let anyone down, so I went ahead and started on a sock using the yarn that I dyed in yesterday’s post.  The Baby really wanted to help, and who am I to deny such a sweet little kid? 100_1107  Yes, her nose has an owie, she fell off of a chair onto the kitchen floor this morning 😦  It happens.  Here is a pic so you can actully see the yarn100_1110  too.  I’m knitting 72 stitches on size 1 needles, which is a little big for me, but I’m living dangerously.  I’m not too impressed with it, mostly because it wasn’t what I was trying to do.  But I’ve been working it around in my brain and I think I know what I need to change to get my desired results.  I’m hoping to have a quick naptime dye session today to give my new idea a shot.  Almost forgot!  I finished 2 more squares yesterday, almost half done – WOOt!

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