A funky funk

All of a sudden I find myself in a funk, for the past two days.  I credit it to the election, in which I don’t want to gloat BUT, I am so happy and proud of the people for sending a message to our government!  I will admit that even though it did not help here in Utah, my goal was voting for anyone but a Republican.  Everyone is skeptical about how the Dems will run things now, so I suppose I am too.  But I am hopeful, and I was not hopeful a month ago.  Enough said about that as I really don’t know what I’m talking about (it is my goal this year to learn more about politics and the goings-on in the world). 

The funk.  I don’t really want to knit, I don’t want to spin, I don’t want to do much of anything.  It’s sad, I know.  I think I need to start taking my glucosamine for my joints and black cohosh again, I’m getting too moody lately!  So I’m planning a big old dye-fest today, and hopefully that will bring me out of the funk a little bit.  Hopefully I don’t just botch everything and end up even grumpier than I am.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Dude, we are not skeptical around here! I think you are listening to too many sour-grapey loser Republicans. We Democrats retain our optimism! It’s Morning In America! Let the Hearings Begin!

  2. Katherine

     /  November 9, 2006

    You might not feel like knitting or spinning, but at least you feel like dying (sorry — that little pun was just too good to pass up). Could it be the mid-semester doldrums? Or the weather?
    Anyway, I totally disagree that a non-Republican vote doesn’t count in Utah. Voting for third parties gives them the clout the need later to get invited to debates or get a button for straight party voting and such. And did you notice how close the Hatch-Ashdown race was in the end? Much closer than I expected. Of course, Hatch is still in office, but it gives one some hope that the electorate is thinking harder than it seems.

  3. Yay for voting, and yay for change.
    Oh, and yay for gloating! LOL


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