I completed my first lining of a bag

100_1061Thanks for the nice comments on Ariann!  I did quite a shoddy jobon the bag, but it got done.  Beautiful black thread, yes?  That’s what comes of laziness.  I will only be using it for toting aroun100_1063d small knitting projects, so I guess I don’t really need it lined anyway.  It was good practice, I think?  I’ve finished a few more things in the last few days too.  Another baby hat, and a second baby sweater for the twins.  I’m not sure if I like the sweater or not, I’ll have to wash it and see how it comes out.  There is one more FO, but it is blocking right now.  Can you tell what it is?!  Well, back to trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my pumpkin puree.  Talk about getting bang for your buck – two small pie pumkins add up to lots of baked goodies!  Maybe I’ll show up to SnB next week with a little somthin’ somthin’.

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  1. How about some pumpkin bread? I have a great recipe if you would like it- It’s really yummy! The purse looks pretty good, too.

  2. Cute bag!!!
    A couple of years ago I tried the pumpkin baking thing… and this is what I made with some of the pumpkin puree… I remember they were great, right out of the oven with some butter and a slice of cheddar cheese
    Cheers Eva

  3. Oh and they froze well too… I also made some using spinach!!!
    Cheers again, Eva

  4. I really love your bag! And yep, how about pumpkin pie? There’s so many amazing recipes out there on the net, I think if I’d ever start making one of these, I’d never stop as they all seem so yummy! 😉

  5. The second photo looks like “my so-called scarf”- but I could be wrong.

  6. Katherine

     /  November 3, 2006

    Is that My So Called Scarf? Is it? Is it?
    You are a knitting MACHINE, woman.


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