I’m no longer a virgin

100_1060At voting that is!  We went tonight and for the first time ever, I voted.  Now I’m not as educated in politics as I should be, but I had one goal and I accomplished it.  Nuff said.

While we were at City Hall I had the boyfriend snap a crappy pic of Ariann.  It’s better than nothing and nothing is what you were going to get at the rate I was going.  So here she is, ignore my goofy face and the electrical lines in the background. 

Official stats:

  • Pattern – Ariann by Bonnie Marie Burns of Chicknits
  • Needles – US Size 6 and 7 Addis
  • Yarn – Rowan Kid Classic
  • Took me – About a month, longer than it should have
  • Comments – I used the magic loop for the sleeves instead of dpns, the tension was mych more even that way.  Yes I know the sleeves are a bit long, but I happen to like that on this sweater.  This is a great pattern, I will say that even though I had lots of problems – it was all me!  I am planning to knit it again with a different yarn, not anytime soon but eventually.  I love it!!!  Go now, go buy the pattern, and knit one for yourself!
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  1. I am so thrilled and pleased that you not only finished your lovely lovely sweater, but that you wore it to VOTE!
    I thank you for your very kind words and for caring for our Country! šŸ™‚ Congratulations, fellow Citizen Voter!

  2. It’s lovely!! šŸ™‚

  3. Good for you, grrlfriend!

  4. It looks great Lauren! Hopefully we can show them off together some time soon. And good for you in getting out to vote!

  5. Ariann looked really great in person! You did a wonderful job on it.


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