Lopi Tote sans Lopi

100_1051 So first off, I finished knitting Ariann!  I still need buttons and a belt though, but she is blocked and otherwise ready to wear.  It is a little bit snug in the chest area, but I have about 20 pounds to lose so hopefully by then it will be fabulous.  I will still wear it until then, that is when I get buttons and the belt done.  Last night after I finished Ariann, I had an overwhelming need to knit up the Nashua Wooly Stripes I picked up the other day.  I searched around and found Hello Yarn’s Lopi Tote pattern and decided it would be perfect.  I didn’t have the suggested needles or yarn, so I used 11s instead of 13s and just double stranded the yarn.  I was nervous that I wouldn’t ha100_1053_1ve enough, but it worked out perfectly!  The fabric isn’t quite as stripey as it would have been single stranded, the double strands didn’t exactly match up, but I am quite pleased with the effect.  I’m definitely happy with the fact that I finished it in about 4 hours!  I watched A Life Less Ordinary while I knit it and learned a useless fact.  My boyfriend’s brother worked on that movie and is in the credits as a Greensman.  He also worked on Thelma and Louise and is even in the movie!   Apparently they only show him for a second or two, but he is still in it.  We both think that is kind of cool.  Anyway, I’m going out today and hope I can find some nice buttons, hopefully I’ll be showing off Ariann soon.

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  1. Katherine

     /  October 28, 2006

    I’m looking forward to the Ariann pics (but of course you could probably have guessed that, couldn’t you?) I hope to be hunting down buttons soon, too. I’m thinking of a simple, medium-dark wood buttons. If you see any on your travels, please pass it along!

  2. Lauren, what I love about your blog is that you’re always working on such a great variety of projects.
    The bag turned out really cute!


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