Progress and yarn pron

100_1043So I got presents today!  I put in a biggish order at Knitpicks and my package came today.  It was big enough that I even got a box .  What was in it?  I got a few of the new 100_1046 Options needles and cables and so far they look pretty cool!  I also picked up enough (hopefully) Telemark to do Eunny’s Deep-V Argyle Vest.  Yes, I still plan on knitting that, eventually.  There was 2 skeins of the new sock yarn, Gloss in Burgundy and Dusk.  And lastly I felt the need to dye up some sock yarn, so I picked out 5 hanks each of the new superwash yarns.  The second linked yarn looks pretty cool, I can’t wait to get dyeing and knitting it!  I also ended u100_1049p at Three Wishes today, needing something but not knowing what.  Kristine had Nashua Wooly Stripes on sale so I picked up enough for a small felted bag – I couldn’t resist the colors!  I was able to resist the temptation of also getting a book and some fiber, it was hard, but I did it.

You want to see some knitting progress?  Okay.  I have been having man100_1047y trials and tribulations with Ariann – you can see my posts complaining it about it there on the KAL blog.  With help I have finally got it working out and I’m happy to report more progress than frogging.  I swear I have frogged on it at least 5 times in the last week, and we are talking lots and lots of rows!  The boyfriend even started telling me it had probably gotten the best of me, which made me even more determined to get it right.  A few more inches and I’ll be ready to start neck shaping, woot!  That is about all I’ve got going on right now.  There are a few other projects going but nothing to  talk about really.  Back to work for me!

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  1. Katherine

     /  October 27, 2006

    Glad to hear you’re on track with Ariann. I do have to say that the questions you’ve asked at the KAL are good ones, and I may well refer to them when the time comes. The sweater looks really pretty so far. I don’t usually go for the magentas, but I really do like the color very much.
    Another question — do you think you’ll get gauge for the Deep V with Telemark or will you alter the pattern to match whatever gauge you get? I have this pattern, too, and was planning to try Merino Style, but some people have been dissatisfied with the results from that. And is it weird that both of us are eyeing the exact same patterns? Cue Twilight Zone music…
    Anyway, looks like you’ve got a good haul there.


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