I have pictures, finally.

000_0065I finally got my camera back when I took my sister out on Saturday.  We had a good time eating and shopping, and I think it was a good break for both of us.  Maybe someday we can do it again.

I’ve been knitting away on just a couple of things.  Most of it has been directed to the Minnowknits ballet wrap.  I would be done with it already, but I picked up stitches wrong for the first sleeve I did, and so I’ve had to redo it.  Should be done today or tomorrow though, and then it needs a good blocking.  I’m pretty sure I want to make one for The Baby too, but who knows when I’ll actually get to it. I’ve also been working on a scarf from handspun.  This is quite possibly the ugliest scarf you will ever see.  I think I forgot to wash the yarn before I used it, oops!  Lesson learned.  Do listen to that little voice when it tells you not to do something.  Anyway, I’m using a simple lace pattern from 000_0066Barbara Walker’s 2nd Treasury , Stripe with Twisted Bars.  I like it, I just wish the yarn looked better.  Maybe it will be better once washed. 

I also finish000_0067ed the hand-dyed sock!  I wasn’t sure about it because the heel flap is longer than normal, which made the gussets bigger than normal, but I think it fits fine.  It isn’t so snug as usual, which I guess is okay, just different.  Remember I said I had squares?  And I would do one every day?  RIght.  I have five.  I’m just a little bit behind!  Well those twins will probably just have to share one blanket for a while.  I definitely won’t be finishing all the baby stuff I wanted to before they all are actually born.  I still have plans for hats, and at least one more sweater.  Sigh.  There is just too much stuff to be knit and not even close to enough time to do it in. 

We haven’t found a dog yet, it might take a while in fact.  Like sometime next year.  It’s better 000_0068though, I’ll get a pup that I really want, and The Baby will be a little older and hopefully a little easier to deal with.  Hell, I’ll take it if she listens just a little bit!  She is a good kid, don’t get me wrong.  In still other fibery news I have some stash additions (like I need anymore yarn!) coming from Knitpicks, and in the near future Peace Fleece.  I also made a trip to Michael’s (it was hard, I hate the place) last night and picked up some of the Patons SWS.  12 skeins to be exact!  I hope it’ll make a nice lap blanket or just something to cover me up a little while knitting in a cold house.  Well that’s it for now, thanks for reading!

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  1. I’m working on the Harlot handspun scarf right now and I love it.. I didn’t set the twist on my handspun.. just knit it right off the bobbin.


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