Can’t think of a title

000_0040 I don’t have a lot to say, I just felt like I needed to blog though.  I sent off the Malabrigo to Nichole yesterday and now that I think about it, it should get there by Saturday, not next week.  I mean we are on the same side of the world!   I’ve been knitting away (when I haven’t been studying) and I finished the first sleeve for Ariann, but seeing Liz’s sleeve over there is making me think I’ve really done it wrong.  I’m planning on ripping it out and starting over, it didn’t really take that long anyway.  I have stuff finished, but not all the way finished, I need to quit slacking and just get them done!  I’m feeling overwhelmed by stuff in progress, so I think I need to whittle the list down again.  I also decided I better get back to work on baby stuff, so I casted on last night for a garter stitch cardigan, and am 3/4 done with the back.  Those babies are going to be here before I k000_0042now it, so I need to get going on another sweater, and the other blanket.  The Forest Canopy Shawl found a new home yesterday, I hopped on over to my mom’s house and gifted it to her.  I hope she enjoys it and gets a lot of use out of it.  She’s always cold, so she should wear it.  Don’t worry, I bought yarn to make another for me!

I haven’t been spinning at all, how sad.  Reading Mim’s post on spinning also got my pride wounded because I’ve been doing the same thing (spinning the wrong direction) on the spindle.  I do it right on the wheel, but wrong on the spindle.  So I bought The book everyone likes and plan on re-teaching myself to do it right.  Sigh.  I’m also a little wounded from trying to find a responsible breeder.  It’s hard!  Good thing I have a lot of time though, because it looks like I’ll need it!

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  1. You are one busy grrl! Nice knitting. I am also overwhelmed by wips. Well, there are worse problems!

  2. You’ve definitely been busy! I’m so impressed by your work, especially the shawl is totally stunning – what a gorgeous pattern! I also love how the baby cardi is coming along, the color you chose for it is so lovely too!


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