The winner

We have a winner folks!  I used a random number generator for those of you who guessed, and the winner is Nichole R. from saving nine!  Nichole, I’ll email you and let you know which colors I have of the Malabrigo.  Other than that, I’ve got nothing.  My Ariann now has the body done, and I’m working on one sleeve.  I haven’t been able to put it down, so much that everything else in my life is suffering.  I really had to work hard to make myself do chores yesterday.  My schoolwork is also failing, I won’t be going to SnB tonight because I have to study for another test tomorrow.  I’m waiting for some bumper stickers and a t-shirt in the mail (I felt compelled after hearing about the last bill that was passed pretty much absolving Bush and his clan of any wrongdoing regarding war crimes).  I’m also thinking about getting a puppy, and I’m just looking around and trying to find a responsible breeder for the dog I want.  Oh, I finished one of the energized socks!  I still need to take pictures of it to post here and on the Twisted Knitters blog.  Okay then, back to my boring life – I get to clean the bird cage today, woot.

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  1. Yaay! I’m excited, I’ve wanted to try Malabrigo for a long time, but am too cheap. Thanks!

  2. You must be knitting up a storm! I have a swatch for Ariann…that’s it. We’ll miss you tonight.


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