Oregon Flock and Fiber

100_0868_1Canby was such a cute place.  They even had hanging flower baskets on the side of the road.  We 100_0722_1found a nice restaurant to have breakfast, and got to the festival a few minutes late and it was already packed.   I found out The Baby had been taking most of the pictures at the fiber festival, I think we good some good ones anyway.  The booth I could have spent all day in (and all my money) was Blue Moon.  It took some real r100_0789estraint to walk out of there with only 3 items.  See all that STR?!  Being around all of 100_0835that beautiful yarn and fiber was just heavenly.  There were a lot of vendors, some big and a lot small.  There was so much yarn and fiber hanging around I almost got a little dizzy!  Another booth I had a hard time  at was Dicentra Designs.  They had so many bright, beautiful colors and blends and it also was really hard to pry my100_0777self away.  I guess I was all about getting stuff I hadn’t tried yet and that was all prepped nicel100_0753y for me.  When we were visiting the animals, there were fleeting thoughts of buying a fleece, but I held that one down and didn’t give in.  I don’t really want to go there, but I did get tempted being surrounded by it.  I have never seen so many cute sheep, rabbits, llamas, and alpacas all in one place and it was great!  I know so little about th100_0804e actual animals, it was very interesting to see them all and read about them.  I still don’t100_0905 know much more, but that’s my own fault.   I wanted to take one of each home with me, but I knew they wouldn’t let them on the plane.  I’m still thinking about those rabbits though, they were really too cute.   I guess there was just about everything you could think of there, and even some things I would never have thought of.  There was even a wool bus!  The100_0803 Bellwether Wool Company had turned this little bus into a traveling wool shop, complete with a fridge and microwave.  How fun!  I’ve already decided that I absolutely have to save up and go to another festival soon, maybe shooting for Estes Park next time it rolls around.  I might even stop dreaming about fiber, someday…

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  1. It will be fun to hear about it and pet your goodies!

  2. I bet all that STR was gone within about an hour of taking that picture.. that’s how it happened at MSW. Looks like a great festival!

  3. Oh, I’m lusting after all your wonderful yarns!


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