I need help

So I mentioned I’m having trouble with the baby sweater.  I don’t want to be done in by my first baby sweater, so please help?!  So I get to the neck shaping on the front.  The way the decreases have been for the armhole are – for the left, k1, k2tog, knit to end.  For the right, it is knit to last 3 stitches, k2tog tbl, k1.  I assume I am supposed to do all of the following decreases this way.  So for the neck shaping it says Now decrease 1 stitch at each end of every row until 2 stitches remain.  Does this mean I decrease at each side of the work on every row?  That’s what I was doing and I think it is wrong, because when I get down to 4 stitches it becomes impossible to continue that way.  Does it mean that I decrease 1 stitch at only the end of each row, when I’m about to be done with the row?  Also, what matches the k2tog tbl on the wrong side? Now that I type it out I’m feeling really dumb.  Please give your answers and help the dumb knitter!

On to other stuff, it was in agreement last night at SnB that I did not need to do another row of hearts on the Heart Blanket.  I was more than happy to finish the last 3 rows of seed stitch and then bind off – woot!  Ends are woven in and I’m going to try and wash it to see if I can get it to relax.  I’ll have pictures later.  I bought some Filaura Di Crosa Kiss that was on sale at Black Sheep yesterday for a sweater for The Baby.  I have next to none in the way of toddler sweaters patterns (must get more toddler knitting books).  I didn’t feel like wading through the free patterns online, so I decided to have a go at the top-down thing.  So far so good, I think.  She will not sit still to let me even hold up the knitting to her, so I will have to do some guessing.  I even started one for me this morning!  I’m so bad.  When I really should be casting on for another baby blanket, I am knitting sweaters and socks.  At least I started the second white bamboo sock, that should count for something.  Nothing like a tight deadline, which is what it will be by the time I am finally ready to do the blanket. 

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  1. Does it mean that I decrease 1 stitch at only the end of each row, when I’m about to be done with the row? — yes. As far as I know what matches would be a P2tog tbl — a bit of a gymnastic feat, but gets easier once you do it a bit. Don’t quote me on that last part though.

  2. I agree with Mouse, this seems to mean that you’ll decrease one stitch at only the end of each row – and the match would be a p2tog through the back loop. You’ll definitely get used to these kinds of cryptic pattern instructions, don’t worry!


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