Somehow I woke up at 4:20 on Thanksgiving, on a day that I didn’t have to go to work :/ Why?! I got up and started the coffee flowing and relaxed for a while before I went out to run. It was cold!! When I got back it was 27, feels like 22! I just bundled up and got my 4 miles done. I saw a few other walkers and there was more car traffic than I thought there would be. It was a good run. I’m getting a little sappy lately but I realize that I am really lucky to even be able to run. My limbs all relatively work and I am healthy. I am lucky enough to have the means to buy running stuff when I need it and the time to go run. Most runs lately have felt like a gift, and I really try to enjoy it and not take it for granted :)

After my run we made some muffins and had a couple and a yogurt for breakfast. Rookie mistake – it was too close to dinner/lunch and I ended up eating too much! Oh well. Spoiler – I still ate what I wanted at dinner.

I’m always on veggie duty, so I made a candied yam casserole with pecan topping, green bean casserole (selfishly for me but others said it was yum!), and sautéed corn and peppers. The meal was delicious and I ate one plate with a tiny bit more bean casserole. I also had 3 small slices of pie, one too many, it set me over the edge LOL Later on I had too much ice cream too. It’s just one day and I’m not stressing or worried about it. It’s done and I’m moving on, and going to eat breakfast as usual today.

Here’s the other turkey we had yesterday.


It’s another cold and windy day here, so my run later should be a blast…

Mid-week weigh in

Even though I said I’d quit weighing every day, I still am. Guess I’m okay with it for now so I’m still doing it :)

Today I weighed and I was like, woah! I saw 126.4 and 26.5% body fat. Not sure how long those numbers will stick around, but generally, if I see it, it is only a matter of time until that is my new weight.

My weight is still fluctuating a lot from day to day. Just on Monday it was 128.6, so 2 pounds difference in two days. I am kind of interested to see what happens and maybe figure out why.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! I was thinking about it and in years past I’ve actually gone home after the meal to get a workout in on the treadmill. To burn off some off the calories. I will be having none of that anymore! I don’t even think I did that last year. I remember eating my meal, eating what I wanted, and stopping when I was full. I still probably overdid it a little but wasn’t in that place of feeling bad for eating so much. Now I know that food isn’t a moral issue. So tomorrow I’m just going to enjoy myself, time with family and enjoy a good meal. Of course I will work out in the morning because that is what I do. Not to burn off the calories from the meal. To clear my head and feel good and keep on making progress.

So, I am grateful to finally feel like I am making peace with myself and food. And grateful that the people I love have hung in there with me and all of my issues LOL

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

A fun run

No, I didn’t go out and run an organized fun run. My workout yesterday was weights, and then 2 miles. Here’s what I did for weights:

Deadlifts with 50#on the bar, 5 sets x 6

Rear fool elevated split squats with 12# dumbbells, 4 x 5

Shoulder presses with 12# dumbbells, 4 x 10

Single leg hamstring curls 10#, 4 x 5-6

Back extensions with 25#, 4 x 10

After that I went outside to run. I was underdressed! (I wore my tights and a long sleeved shirt) The weather said 42, but it felt way colder as the sun was getting ready to go down. Right away I knew I was just going to go fast and get it done. My route has a small uphill right at the beginning, then a longer downhill, so it felt like cheating a bit at the start ;) After the first hill I started intervals, no timing or anything more just counting in my head. I just tried to go pretty fast for 60-100 counts and then recover for 40. The second mile had more fast running than recovery. It was so much fun!! It felt great. I love it when I feel and do great on a hard workout! It makes me want to do more speedwork.

Anyway I went 2.15 in 18:17, for an 8:30 pace. I liked looking at my heart rate info too.

I didn’t even think to get any food photos yesterday, but my eating was pretty boring.

For breakfast I had some of my make ahead oats with pb and honey and a leftover egg cup. I wasn’t hungry in the morning so this was around 11:00.

Lunch was late because breakfast was so late, so I just made a green smoothie and had a homemade protein bar. That was around 2:30.

Dinner was an Aidell’s sausage, steamed green beans with butter, and corn.

Dessert was a glass of milk, a pumpkin marshmallow treat, about 10 mocha m&m’s, and then a frozen yogurt bar because I felt like I still didn’t get enough to eat.



Busy kitchen day

I have the weekends off for a short time now, but even with an extra day it still doesn’t seem like enough time! We did get a lot of errands done and I got some stuff done in the kitchen, so that was good. In the morning I made some baked eggs in jars, although mine kinda pissed me off. I guess I had too much in the jars and they just kept poofing up and overflowing in the pan, and took forever to get done. We ate a few for breakfast and I saved 3 to take to work with me. I added some bacon, avocado, and toast with butter and jam for my breakfast.

I also did some make-ahead steel cut oats. You just cook them for a few minutes and then let them sit covered until it is time to use them. Then microwave and add your mix-ins. I’ll likely just use pb and jam. I have breakfast all week covered! I also made some krispie treats with some candy corn marshmallows and Trader Joe’s Pumpkin-O’s. They are really good!

It was pretty cold yesterday morning, in the twenties when I got up. I decided to wait to do my run until it was warmer. Well I had breakfast and 2 cups of coffee, and the coffee just had me wired. I finally got sick of waiting around and headed out at 10:30. It was supposed to be around 35, but it felt warmer than that – I didn’t have to wait as long as I did!! Next time I will just have a small meal when I get up and then go earlier.

I did 7 miles in 1:06! And that was a true easy pace. I wasn’t working hard and just tried to go by feel. When I felt like I was breathing harder I just slowed down a little bit. Trying to control the pace was work, but I need to do it more often. Otherwise all of my runs will be too much of a workout and I’ll probably burn out. Anyway it was a great run and I was happy to see it under 1:10. I’m always happy to see runs under 10:00 pace!

I did lunch when I got back from my run. I had marinated some tofu overnight and I baked it for about 45 minutes. I added it to a bunch of stir-fried veggies and some rice. That and a marshmallow treat kept me full for hours. I didn’t need to eat until we got home way later from shopping. We ended up having popcorn and baked apples with ice cream for dinner :) I also went back for some mocha m&m’s, which I really didn’t need. Oh well.


This week I’ve been weighing again almost daily, so I was surprised to see 128 again this week (no loss from last week). I’ve been 127-something every day up until today LOL Oh well. If you average it out, my weight is 127.5?! Anyway. Not stressing it. As I said, I’m pretty sure I’m there at the last 10, maybe 15 pounds. So it could probably take a while. I’m not even sure that I will be able to lose any more weight, though I know there are still some pounds that could go. Like always I’m just going to keep on doing what I’m doing and see what happens.

Here’s my workouts for the week:

Sunday I ran 7 miles for a 9:20 pace! I can’t believe I did that well on a windy day for a long run. I must just be getting faster. I try not to judge my times, so even though that might not really be that fast, I am improving, and that’s what counts!

Monday was weights and then a 2 mile run. I did deadlifts again! I loaded the bar with 50 pounds and did 5 sets. I think I did okay, didn’t hurt anything, and the wrist felt fine afterward. Gotta try to start pushing it a little bit more, while still being careful. My 2 miles was on the treadmill. It sucked.

Tuesday I was scheduled for 3 miles but added one more. I ran in Fort Union again and screwed up my timing because I thought I turned on my Fitbit, but didn’t really until a mile in. So I had to guess on distance and time. I just ran for 45 minutes, doing probably 4.25 miles. Pace was 9:49.

Wednesday was a quick 3 miles, 9:01 pace! It was difficult though, and I knew I was running too fast. I’m trying for easy but not slow paces and 9:00 is definitely an effort. It was a strength day but I just did some squats, step-ups, glute bridges, and planks afterward.

Thursday was another 4 miles. It was around 50 degrees which felt warm! It has been in the low 40s for most of my workouts lately. 9:21 pace. I did some drills and stretching after my run, and some foam rolling later that evening. I need to do more of that.

Friday I did 3 miles on a different stretch of the parkway. I didn’t want to have any hills whatsoever so I drove south a bit for my run. It was a nice change. I got out late though, so it got cold fast. I was having tummy trouble since I had eaten lunch though, but it didn’t interfere with the run apparently as I did an 8:55 pace. It felt mostly easy though.

Saturday was a rest day!!  I even forgot to wear my Fitbit, boo :(

Today I’m going for another 7 miles when it warms up. Right now it is 23 with a feels like of 16 – too cold for me!!



Someday I will get it together and make this blog more than just my weigh-ins. Sigh. LOL

Yesterday I took a peek at the scale and it was 127 and 27% body fat! Today it was back up to the same numbers last week. Oh well. Pretty sure that next week it will be back down. I also realize that I am nearing the ‘last 10 pounds’ mark, if I am not already there right now. So it will be a lot harder for me to keep losing weight. I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing and focus on the process and what I can do. Because I can do cool stuff :)

My workouts this week:

Sunday 3 miles, 9:11 pace. That was my last run of a low week. I really needed that week to ‘reset’ my energy levels!

Monday I just did weights. I did machine squats and tried to do a heavier day. Since I only have one day that I just do weights and not run, that will be my heavy day.

Tuesday 3.13 miles, 9:11 pace again! I’m happy that my paces are consistently under 10:00, and a lot of times under 9:30!

Wednesday 3.01 miles, 9:35 pace. I was tired this day. I have a lot going on at work on Wednesdays and sometimes I am fried by the end of the day! Did it anyway :) I also did weights with dumbbells! I’m taking it easy, but I am extremely happy to be back to using dumbbells. Maybe soon I will be brave enough to try pull-ups again?!

Thursday I did 4.3 miles at a 9:18 pace. It felt like an ‘easy’ run and that was my goal.

Friday I did 3.01 miles, 9:24 pace. I ate lunch too late and this one was hard. I hate it when I’m still digesting food, I get so many side stitches and cramps :/ I also did weights, mostly with a 20# kettle bell. I did single leg deadlifts, goblet squats, back extensions, and planks. I moved up to holding a 25# plate for back extensions!! I can only do about 10 at a time but that’s 15 pounds more than I was using!

Saturday was a rest day! I think I only got in maybe 8000 steps yesterday. Lots of errands and sitting around :) It was nice!

This week I would really like to see that 127 number again, and I’m pretty sure I will. I’ve got the 3-4 meals a day thing down for sure, so I’m just trying to do the eat just enough. I will really focus on that this week and I think that will help out a lot.


I am back under 130! 128 pounds today and 27.5% body fat.

Down 3 pounds and 1.5% body fat from last week.

YTD: 24.2 pounds and 10% body fat!!

I am doing great! This week I quit weighing every day. I got curious yesterday and did it then, but this is today’s numbers. I also quit tracking everything but Eat Just Enough. I am just aiming for not eating too much. Being satisfied but not FULL, if that makes sense.

This week was also one of my de-load weeks! It was kind of nice having a break from higher miles and hard strength workouts. I never ran more than 2 miles and only did strength twice.

Sunday I did 6.77 miles at a 9:14 pace.

Monday I didn’t do anything!!

Tuesday I ran a chilly 2 miles in Fort Union while my daughter and her friend were at a Zumba class. It was cold and windy and I was underdressed. Brrrr!!

Wednesday I did 2.05 miles and then did strength. I did squats, step-ups, quad curls, and back extensions. 3 sets of everything and only 50# on the squat machine.

Thursday I did 2.18 miles for a 9:00 pace. Eating issues again and some side stitches, because I was probably going too fast.

Friday I did 2.12 miles and strength again. I was feeling TIRED by then. I barely made it through my strength and it didn’t feel great :/ I guess I needed the de-load week! I just did skater squats, leg curls, and back extensions.

Saturday was a rest day. Two in one week!

One other thing that was key to my success this week was making sure I took food with me every day to work. And eating that food. I also didn’t wait too long before eating. Sometimes I wait more than an hour after feeling hunger (and sometimes it is hours) and by the time I eat I feel like I just can’t get enough. So I’m trying to eat more throughout the day and it seems to help.

I have a ‘long’ run of 3 miles today, and then it is back to business!!

55 Days

There are 55 days left in this year. When I declared that I would go all this year without drinking any alcohol, I knew I had made up my mind and I was just going to do it. I’m sure some people didn’t think that I could actually do it. But I knew I would. It has been 310 days! It has actually gone by pretty quickly. And I don’t miss so many things about alcohol. Feeling hungover, not getting enough sleep, extra unnecessary calories…the list could go on and on.

I am actually probably going to go even longer without drinking. I’m not going to run right out and drink the first beer I see LOL I may wait until my birthday, or even until we possibly go to Las Vegas again for 7-11. (That is up in the air right now). I may wait even longer? Go for 500? I don’t know.

I’m just saying that I’m counting, but not really counting the days now ;)

Letting go of the past

I spent a while yesterday going through some old clothes that I had been hanging on to. You know, like skinny clothes, hoping they will fit again one day. And they did all fit! In the sense that I could slip the jeans over my thighs and button comfortably. But  most of those jeans were from many years ago, like 10 years. And I guess I didn’t know how to buy things that actually do fit back then LOL I mostly had old boot cut jeans and capris. This was before I discovered that short women should wear petite sizes – because they are for short women. Boot cut jeans look great, if they are the right length, and you are wearing boots. Revelation! And why was I obsessed with capris?! They don’t look good on short women. I’m pretty sure I knew that, I had heard it various places. But still I kept buying them. I realized that I was using them instead of shorts. Using them to hide. And then I felt really sad for my old self. I hated myself so much and hated my body, even though I actually was skinny back then. No matter how much weight I could have lost then, I still would not have been able to be comfortable in my own skin.

I honestly do not know why I have had such a change of heart lately. I DO love my body now. I love me, because I’m not constantly comparing myself to anyone else anymore. That never did me any good!!! WHY did I waste SO MUCH TIME caring about what some stranger would think of me when they saw me in public? Ugh. Well at least I have learned from that. I am not going to waste any more time hating on my body or anything about me. I’m me and if you don’t like it, you can fuck off LOL I don’t even care. It’s funny, I see all of these articles about things that change for women as they get older, and I would never have believed them even 5 years ago, but they are all true. I have simply started to care less about all of the trivial things that just don’t matter. Am I happy? healthy? Is my family? That’s all that matters.

Whew! Glad to get that off my chest! And to get rid of all of those old jeans. (I’m keeping the t-shirts though!)


Well the past few days I have really been eating crap, and lots of it. Earlier in the week I was down to 128.8, but yesterday I was 130 and today I’m back to 131 and 29% body fat. Oh well. I think I have it out of my system, so I’m going to do better today. The fridge is stocked full of produce and good stuff to eat, and since I’m not working today I’ll get lots of stuff prepped for the week so I have no excuse to choose junk! Anyway. I did take measurements too, and those are a lot better! I have lost another 1.75 inches this month for a total of 13 for the year!! I’m really kind of amazed (although I don’t know why I would be lol) that I just keep on losing the inches. I attribute it all to the weight lifting! It is a wonderful thing :D

Even though I bounced back up, I still lost quite a bit this month compared to my average. I still lost almost 4 pounds! And I’m sure that in a couple of days my weight will be back down. BUT, I also think I am going to stop with the daily weighing. I don’t really think it is helping me. I’m becoming more focused on my weight and I don’t think it’s a great thing. So I think I will just go back to the weekly weighing.

I kept up with my workouts this week and the past two weeks I’ve done some extra running too. Next week is a lower mile week, like a deload week. It should be easy and I hope I’ll feel refreshed after it. I’ve been feeling kind of run down and it is probably more than time for a low volume week. My weights workouts were all lower body, of course. Still not feeling 100% about the wrist.

Sunday I ran 6 miles for a 9:26 pace.

Monday I did weights and then ran 2 miles. Weights were heavy-ish and it felt like a really good workout, but not too hard.

Tuesday I ran 3.34 miles doing some speed work. I did 1/2 mile and 1/4 mile intervals. My pace was 9:07!

Wednesday I did ran 3.5 miles and then did weights. I tried to do lower weights and more reps.

Thursday I ran 3.05 miles for a 9:21 pace.

Friday I did heavy weights again, well at least for squats. If I do bodyweight stuff it is more reps usually since I don’t want to add weight just yet.

Saturday was a  rest day! I worked for about 5 1/2 hours and then came home to be lazy for a bit. I even took an hour nap! We did some shopping and watched a movie. I didn’t get a lot of steps and I don’t even care LOL

Today I’m going for another 5 or 6 miles, and then I need to do a lot of stuff around the house.

Like I said, I hope to turn things around today. I’m going to eat real meals and focus on eating the fresh stuff and not cookies and gummy bears. I guess that’s how it goes though, sometimes you kick ass and sometimes you suck! I didn’t care for the last few days but now I do, so I’ll go back to kicking ass :)