Workout plans for the week

I thought I’d share what I’m planning for this week’s workouts.  I have been slacking on exercise for the past few months and I really want to get back to doing it regularly.  Here’s what is going on this week:

  • Monday – Boot camp starts today!!  I am going to go for a walk this morning and then boot camp is this afternoon.  I was planning on doing weights also, but I think I’ll wait and see how boot camp goes.
  • Tuesday – Run 3 miles
  • Wednesday – Boot camp and possibly weights
  • Thursday – Run 3 miles and boot camp
  • Friday – Weights, depending on boot camp the day before, and walking
  • Saturday – rest
  • Sunday – Run 3-4 miles

I am going to try to get at least 10,000 steps every day on my Fitbit.  We’ll see what I end up with and then make a goal for a little bit more next week.

What’s next?

I have decided that right now I need help to get in shape and start moving back towards a happy, healthy me!  I have three things that I think will be the ticket.

  1. I signed up for Boot Camp with a friend!  We will be going 3 times a week for 7 weeks in the evenings to hopefully get our asses handed to us :lol:
  2. I am going to join in a Fitbit challenge via Cheeseslave.  Should be a good motivator!
  3. I just registered for The Other Half Marathon again!  I think a race schedule has always been a big helper to keep me motivated and moving towards fitness.

With all of these combined I should have plenty to keep me going and to look forward to, and will hopefully be in a better place all around by the time I do the race :D

Scenes from the weekend

Seems like we did a lot this weekend!  Bright and early on Saturday morning we went to Sugarhouse Park where M and I ran a 5k!!  This is her second one through Girls on the Run.  It was so much fun!!  She did awesome too.  She ran the entire race only stopping twice!  She sure amazed me :)  I can’t wait to do another one with her.


After we cleaned up and came down from our runner’s high we went out to get some plants for our ‘garden’, finally.  We have a small strip of dirt in the back yard and we planted some tomatoes, peppers, squash, and herbs.  Hopefully we’ll at least have a small amount of homegrown stuff to eat this year.

This morning we took off to Millcreek Canyon for a hike.  We ended up doing Desolation Trail and it was great!  It took us almost 3 hours to do 4.42 miles.  I was so proud of M for sticking it out and making it to the lookout on top!  It was great weather and we really enjoyed the hike.

IMAG0080 IMAG0081 IMAG0082 IMAG0084 IMAG0089 IMAG0102 IMAG0101 IMAG0103



Afterward we enjoyed some pool time at the outdoor Murray pool.  We’d never been there.  It wasn’t too crowded and it was nice to sit around in the water after all of our activity this weekend.

Only 2 more days of school left!!  I hope that we will get in a lot more fun once the summer really starts :D

30 Days are done!! and Wednesday Weigh-in

Well I did it!!!! My 30 days on the juice fast are DONE!! I am going to have smoothies today with protein powder and almond milk, and they will be amazing I’m sure! I wish I had something really deep to say about the whole thing, but I don’t. I’m very glad I did it. I am very glad that I am done! Maybe someday I will do it again, but probably not ever for 30 days again. That is a long time!

In addition to weight loss, I wanted to see if some other issues went away or got better with the fast. The back pain I was having is completely gone! My back has really felt better than it has in the last 3 years, so that is a big improvement. My nagging knee stuff is also a lot better. I still have my moments, and they usually come after sitting on the couch cross-legged for too long, but I used to feel my knee all of the time and it is a lot less now. Is this from fasting? or just having extra weight gone? I don’t know, but I’ll take it! My skin is also a lot better. I thought my extra blotchiness would go away, but it didn’t. It’s evened out a lot though, so I’m happy enough with that.

Today also happens to be my weigh-in day so here goes.

Last week – 139.2

This week – 136.8

Lost 1.4 pounds

Here are the results from my 30 days.

Starting – 153.8

Ending – 136.8

Lost 17 pounds!!!  I am also down 4% in body fat, and I lost 13.75 inches!!!  I am still floored by the inches!

So yes, I know that I will probably gain some pounds back once I am eating again.  I have probably mentioned that I am going to take an entire month to transition back to a healthy diet.  Here’s what it looks like in terms of what I’m adding back in.  I hope that in doing it this way, I will minimize pounds gained back, and hopefully just continue losing.

  • Week 1 – smoothies
  • Week 2 – salads
  • Week 3 – soups
  • Week 4 – beans
  • Week 5 – new ‘diet’

The new ‘diet’ is going to be more of a Mediterranean style of eating.  Which to me is more whole grains, less meat, more fish and beans, more fruits and veggies, less sugar and fat.  I am still going to be eating real food of course.  I think this will be a good plan for all of us, and we’ve all talked about it and agree.  It also is supposed to be an inflammatory diet which I think will be good for M, who has athsma, K, who is just old :lol:, and me, who isn’t getting any younger and hopes it will help with my knee issues.  Plus if we are veggie heavy, there isn’t anything wrong with that!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to making this month really count and keeping on my plan.  I am feeling so good about what I’ve done and what I’m planning to do!!  I’m excited to get back into exercising and eating well and enjoying my life!

Wednesday Weigh-in

Here we go!

Last week 143.2

This week 139.2

Lost 4 pounds!

I also measured this morning and I’m down 3.25 inches from last week as well!  According my scale though I lost about another pound of lean body mass.  As of today I’m on a kind of two-day stall, so I hope things start moving again tomorrow.

I’m having a little issue though, most days when I look in the mirror I really don’t see that I am down 14 pounds already in this month.  There have been a few days when I’ve thought that I was looking pretty small for sure.  Maybe it is because I’m looking too much?!  Anyway, I’m still happy with what I’ve accomplished and I know it is only going to get better.

Only one more week and one more weigh-in on this all-juice fast!!!  I can’t wait to be done and getting more nutrition and calories in me so that I can start working out again.  I wanna run and lift things again!

Food Budget 9.23

really tried to keep a lid on the spending this week.  I didn’t do quite as well as I wanted to, my original goal was to be under $60 for the week.  But I still did pretty good :)  Here is what we bought:


  • Apples $3.00
  • Beets $3.00
  • Cabbage $1.38
  • Cauliflower $2.76
  • Cilantro $.34
  • Corn $2.25
  • Cucumber $1.00
  • Green beans $4.00
  • Habaneros $2.00
  • Baby kale $3.49
  • Lettuce $6.58 – we bought two of the artisan romaine packs at Costco
  • Onions $4.00 – another 10# bag for storage!
  • Peaches $4.00
  • Plums $6.00
  • Tomatoes $4.00
  • Zucchini $1.00


  • Cotija cheese $4.99
  • 2 pounds cheddar $4.75
  • 1/2 gallon milk $2.79
  • Yogurt $4.99


  • 3 dozen eggs $5.98
  • Almond milk $4.98
  • Enchilada sauce $5.00
  • Giant tub of peanut butter $9.99
  • Wholly Guacamole single serve packs $6.39

So the grand total was $98.66, and we shopped 4 different days.  Still better than the $200+ we spent last week!  And that is great considering how much we shopped.  The fridge is bursting right now with fruit and veggies, and the plan from here on out until we leave for vacation is to really scavenge and use up EVERYTHING in the fridge.  We have enough meat and fish in the freezer to get us through 2 weeks I think, and the pantry is full.  Time to get using stuff up!!  This week I’m really going to try to share some meals that we make with all of this stuff :lol:

This is the end

I’m trying to decide what to do here with this space.  I feel like it is all weight, all the time.  That’s not really what I want.  I definitely need some focus on other stuff.  Truth is, I am obsessed with my weight and losing weight.  That is kind of obvious right?! :lol:  I would like to NOT be obsessed.  As far as what I’m going to do about it, I have a few things planned.

I’m going back to plain old Intuitive Eating.  No more good or bad foods, no food police, no more diets.  Eating when I’m hungry and until I’m satisfied.  Eat what I like and not what I ‘should’.  I keep looking for the perfect way to eat, but really I’m just getting exhausted with all of the conflicting information!  And I don’t think any one person has the answer.  I will focus on eating whole, real foods, but if I want something processed once in a while I will go for it.  This means facing up to the fact that I will never give up sugar :lol:  I will probably even keep on having a treat every single day.  3 or 4 cookies?  no.  But I like my chocolate squares and no one (even myself) will ever convince me that I shouldn’t have some every day.

Even though I’ll be trying to eat intuitively, I will be meal skipping.  Today I’m skipping all of my meals!  I’ll be juicing today.  I do believe in Intermittent Fasting, and right now I’m planning on doing one day a week of juice fasting.  It makes total sense to me that if I want to lose fat, I will be hungry sometimes.  Fasting will be a way to make sure that I will get hungry.  This also relates to the intuitive eating since I should really only be eating when I’m truly hungry.  Mini meals throughout the day aren’t going to let me feel hunger.  So fasting to me just means going the one day as above, and going longer times between meals without eating.  No schedule really, just letting it happen.

I’m going to quit worrying about the number on the scale.  I DO still want to lose weight.  I’m not at a healthy weight right now and I need to get to one.  I’m not going to quit weighing, in fact I have ordered a different kind of scale called the Zero Scale.  I want a way to measure my progress besides just measuring, which doesn’t show enough of a change for me during shorter periods of time.  It takes a while to lose an inch!  The premise of the Zero Scale is that you don’t have to see your weight, only gains and losses.  It will show the weight but I think I would like to be free from that.  I would rather go by how I look and feel and how I am able to perform in my daily life.

I’m going to keep working out daily, because it makes me feel good.  It really does.  Also, because I committed to that whole marathon thing in October ;)  And, I am finally realizing, that exercise does not equal weight loss (DUH!).  Food is what keeps people losing and maintaining, not exercise.  Exercise does figure into the equation, but there is only so much it can do.  And it can’t undo a day’s worth of eating crap, or drinking a six-pack of beer.  So yes, exercise just because it is necessary to be healthy and it keeps me feeling good.

No more weight loss message boards.  No more reading of diet blogs.  I’m not sure what that will leave me as far as blogs to read, but oh well :lol:  If it is something positive and sane, then yes I will read.  When I read about someone else struggling or restricting it is that much easier for me to rationalize it.  Gotta stop.

I am going to try and pick back up on my hobbies, or even get new ones.  I want to read more, waste more of my time with M without being preoccupied, just do more and think less about my weight and food.  I want to have more fun!

I know that it isn’t normal to ALWAYS be thinking about food and my weight!  I have just been this way for so long that it is hard to not do it.  I think not knowing the scale number and not trying to tweak my diet  anymore will help.  It will be hard to change my thinking and will take a long time I’m sure, but I really need to do this.  I’ve spent almost 10 years yo-yoing.  I’ve spent almost all of my life feeling chubby or fat and not good enough because of it.  I can’t spend 30 more years doing the same thing!!  It is time to get off of that ride.  If I find myself starting to think diety or like I have to get weight off now now now, I will just move out of it somehow.  Go do something else for crap’s sake.

I know I am making declarations all of the time so roll your eyes accordingly.  But when I finally decided to do this one, I just felt at peace.  Happy.  I know that this is the right thing to do.  I can’t keep going on like I have been, and the only way to change it is to just stop.  The world will not end if I don’t weigh myself, or if I eat potato chips, or if I decide that I’m just going to not worry about my weight anymore.  I can’t say for sure that I won’t revert back to diet mode, but if I feel like I am going there I will at least come back and read this post and then see how I feel about it.

There is more to life, and I want that something more.  This is not just the end, but the beginning too.  I promise – myself!!

So for the future of this blog, I hope you will see more of recipes, knitting, camping, budget, and generally goofing off.  I hope so.

The day after

This will probably be the last post I do about this fast, besides an update on what weight comes back.  Just wanted to share how my day went.  In the morning I had a couple of cups of coffee (I think it’s funny that I never did quit and everyone says you should) and then I got started on some juice.  I had about 16 oz. and then I had 3 prunes that I had soaked in hot water for a bit.  They were very good :lol:  I have been trying to space out my eating, just to make sure I don’t go overboard today.  With the way things have gone today I think I will probably be close to normal eating by tomorrow or the next day.  I haven’t been uncomfortable at all today with the amounts of stuff I’ve eaten, and I really haven’t eaten that much.  Besides the prunes I had:

  • 1/2 cup pineapple – it was amazing just as I thought it would be!
  • 16 oz. more of carrot, celery, jicama, and grape juice
  • 32 oz. juice with collards, tomatoes, cabbage, bell pepper, green onion, cilantro, and celery
  • tiny samples of lunch meat and olive oil with bread at Caputo’s – not ideal I know :lol:
  • 1 slice of Jack Spratt’s sprouted wheat bread with a tiny smear of butter
  • steamed broccoli and cauliflower, tiny bit of leftover turkey spaghetti sauce
  • a few slices of artisan bread from Harmon’s, one with a bit of olive oil
  • half a mango and half a peach

Definitely not raw food like I was originally thinking, but I feel okay, and it is honestly what I wanted to eat.  I feel so much better having some real food in me!  I don’t want to wait around either, I want to refuel and get going on my workouts again.  Hopefully I will be able to run on Wednesday :)  I didn’t really do a lot today, we went shopping at a few places, but other than that I’ve been taking it easy.  Just glad to be feeling like myself again!

Just how much

Did I lose on the fast?  I was 151.2 the day I started, and today I weighed in at 142.8.  That is a loss of 8.4 pounds in 7 days!  Now some of it is probably water weight and will come back on, but hopefully that is just 3 or 4 pounds.  We’ll see.  I hope that if I eat carefully over the next week that not too much will come back on.  My scale measures body fat too, (I know this isn’t completely accurate) and my body fat has only gone down .5% in the whole week.  I assume this has to do with losing the water weight.  I don’t think I really lost 4 pounds of muscle in one week.  So we’ll see about that one too.

I will say that I have enjoyed wearing some of my smaller clothes in the last few days!  It’s been really motivating to me to make this whole thing worthwhile and keep losing.  I don’t want it all to have been a big tease :lol:

This may be extremely boring. How I’m going to eat and still fast.

I have been trying to figure out what my new direction will be as far as what to eat after the juice fast.  With the coming week, I am just going to take it slow and listen to what my body tells me it needs.  I think I am over-thinking the breaking the fast thing.  I am going to still do a quart or two of juice on Sunday and Monday, but also add in easy to digest fruit and other foods.  Hopefully I will be back to normal soon after that.  Normal for me is smoothies for breakfast, fruit for snacks, big salads or leftovers for lunch, and protein and veggies for dinner.  Most of the time!!  Anyway.

I have decided that I do indeed like the control feeling that fasting gives me, so I’m going to continue doing it to some extent.  I don’t want it to interfere with my running though, especially as I get closer to starting my actual marathon training that starts in June.  Mid week runs will be no big deal really so I’m only worried about the long run on Sundays.

Here is what my schedule will look like:

  • SATURDAY AND SUNDAY – No fasting.  Normal meals and snacks whenever I need to eat.
  • MONDAY – I will eat a good breakfast and a morning snack, then start fasting after 12 pm.
  • TUESDAY – I will continue fasting until 2 pm.  I will have a small meal to break the fast, and then however much I want to eat for dinner.  I won’t restrict at dinner because I’ll be running the next morning.
  • WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, AND FRIDAY – I’ll eat breakfast and a morning snack, then fast from 11 am –  5 pm.

I am still going to eat what I want.  I thought about doing some lower carb thing and even the Eat to Live plan again, but I don’t really want to be that restrictive, especially after the juice fast :lol:  I don’t want to worry about what I’m eating or count calories or carbs, so this should be great for me!  It will also give me enough fasting time to pretty much guarantee me a good weight loss each week, as long as I stick balanced meals and don’t overdo it.  It should work great for my running too, since I’ll be eating a good sized dinner that will hopefully be enough to fuel my morning runs.  I always run short to medium runs on an empty stomach so nothing will change there.  My full rest day is Tuesday so it makes sense to do the 24 hour fast on Monday and Tuesday.  I will also keep up with juicing.  I want to do a daily green juice and will drink at least a quart of juice on my 24 hour fast days.  So I guess they won’t technically be total fasting days but who cares?  The point is just to lower calories and this will automatically do that.

I am excited!  I am excited to get back to running, and especially eating!!  I can’t wait for a big pile of steamed veggies and a piece of bread :lol:  Last day!!