A Day Off

I am going to start working on Sundays so I’ll be having one of my days off on Thursdays.  All to myself!!  What to do…..


Ricotta blueberry muffins (to be fair M and I made these before she went to school)

Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 2.10.54 PM





Bread – it’s been a while!


Goofing off

Topped off with Boot Camp, dinner – Salmon with bbq glaze, sauteed kale and onions, and roasted potatoes – and a chilly walk with M.  Not a bad day at all :D

What to say

It’s been a couple of months since I posted.  What have I been doing?  Well I took quite a few steps back and gained back 10 of the pounds I had lost from my juice fast.  It was mostly from too much beer.  I’m back on the wagon and trying to get it back off, trying not to beat myself up for it.  It happens!  My goal is to just not let it keep happening.  Someday I’ll be at a good weight for me and I’ll quit the yo-yo cycle, but I guess I’m just not there yet.  Oh well.

We’ve been camping, movie watching, having fun with friends, and hanging in there until school is out for the summer (next Tuesday!!).  I have actually been knitting a bit lately too!  I have things to show you that have been long since finished.  As soon as the rain stops I’ll snap some pics and share :)

For now I’ll share a song that I recently discovered and think is quite cool.  It’s Nightlight by Little Dragon.  Enjoy!


March Goals

Since I completely bailed on setting any goals for February, I thought I’d better get a jump on it for March!  I did get a lot accomplished in February though, like oh, juice fasting almost the entire month?!  I finished some other things that have been on my to-do list for a really long time too.  More on that later.

So for March I want to:

  • Stick with my eating plan to move back into healthy eating.
  • Hopefully lose 5 more pounds.
  • Start running again!
  • Start lifting weights again!
  • Make at least one new recipe each week.
  • Rip some knits I have found that just aren’t working for me.
  • Read 2 books.
  • Get our bedroom cleaned up.  There is a catch-all area that has been messy since we moved in!

Do you have any goals for March?


Corn pudding and Different Lines

Well I have already completed two of my goals for January!  I started the Different Lines pattern on the New Year’s Day.  It would be a bit farther along if I hadn’t cast on with the wrong color at first.  Oops.  But now it is going smoothly and even though mine may be a little smaller since I’m getting 6 stitches per inch instead of 5, I think it will still turn out great.  I’m using Socks That Rock lightweight in colorways Backstabber and Spinel.  I wasn’t sure about the colors together at first, but they are growing on me.


I also made the Roasted Corn Pudding in Acorn Squash recipe.  It was pretty good!  I roasted some squash for soup while roasting the acorn squash, and when it was done I turned off the oven.  So when I put the acorn back in I could not figure out why the pudding wasn’t setting up.  I was about to give up when I noticed I hadn’t turned the oven back on!!  Duh.  Finally, 30 minutes later we had dinner.  My squash wasn’t big enough to put all of the pudding in so I just buttered a dish and cooked the rest on the side.  I liked it with extra, so I think this would be a great recipe for a squash that has a bigger cavity.


I have decided I want to try at least 1 new recipe per week this month.  So far I have already done 2!  This morning I saw a friend’s pin for baked oatmeal and it sounded really good.  It’s something I’ve been wanting to try since K will need a replacement for his instant oatmeal he’s been having at work.  I found this recipe for Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal and decided to try it out.  It worked great!  I had a little too much oatmeal mixture for my pan though, so I put the extra in another smaller dish.  I’m excited about trying other flavors out!

I will probably have another two new recipes made by the end of the week since I’m making whole wheat roti for dinner tonight, and then going to try some asian meatballs tomorrow.

For Christmas

I stopped biting my nails/fingers (it’s been a couple of weeks).  But more importantly, I got myself these.  We loves them!  Oh yeah, we saw The Hobbit yesterday too ;)


Source: Zappos

Merry Christmas!  I hope you have a great holiday!

Thinking about resolutions

So, I made some resolutions this year and since it is pretty much the end of the year I am thinking about how I did and making some more resolutions.  From my post in December:

  1. Lose 52 pounds – yes, unfortunately I have them to lose.  A pound a week should not be all that difficult to do.
  2. Exercise every day possible.  Even if it is just some walking on the treadmill.
  3. Do the 100 days unprocessed challenge, beginning January 1 and ending April 9.
  4. I am not going to drink alcohol in 2012 – seriously!!
  5. Save some money every month.

How did I do then?

  1. So far I’m only about 12 pounds down for the year.  This could have been much better had I not screwed around so much, and if I had been willing to actually give up drinking.
  2. I didn’t exercise every day, but I sure did a lot of working out – until I got hurt.  I’m not going to worry too much about this one, I mean, I trained for a marathon!  Again though, I did goof off too much so it could have been better.
  3. I did do the unprocessed challenge!  And I didn’t drink anything in that 100 days.
  4. Epic fail here.  Though I did do that 100 days and I was mostly good while training for the marathon.
  5. I did save a lot of money.  Too bad I spent it all on our vacation to Portland!!  It was awesome though and totally worth it.

So what is in store for 2013?  Here’s what I want to do.  Maybe a little more realistic, for me anyway.

  • We have talked about doing an Unprocessed Challenge again and this time we are going to do 150 days!!  This will probably make the next one a lot easier.
  • Lose 20-25 more pounds.  This would put me at 125-130, where honestly I would probably be perfectly happy.  I got to this weight before and I looked pretty good.  If I focus on strength training I could probably look even better at that weight.
  • Pay extra on my car every month.  I have been doing about $80 extra every payment but I would like to do a little more than that.  I will shoot for at least $100 extra on every payment.  I am also going to put the money I get back from taxes toward my car.
  • Save some money every month.  I was putting $300 away every month for the vacation but I don’t know if I can make that work now.  I will aim for $200 a month and see how it goes.
  • Seriously cut down on the drinking.  I am planning to only drink when we are doing something with friends or out of town or camping.  Special occasions.  I have been drinking too much, letting a fun weekend turn into a hungover week.  It’s really not healthy, and isn’t helping my weight loss goals at all (DUH).  I don’t think I could realistically commit to not drinking at all either though.

I am pretty proud for not letting myself feel like a failure, even though I didn’t follow through with a lot of what I wanted to do.  Things changed and I made the marathon goal – that is a pretty big deal for me for how far I made it into the training.  I DID keep some weight off, even though I had lost another 5.  But still, not regaining it all is a pretty big deal also.  I could have done better sure, but I did try and make some changes, and as long as I keep trying then I will eventually get where I want to be right?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to an even better, healthier year.

Will you be making any resolutions for 2013?

Scale confusion

Just for kicks I got out my old Tanita scale to see what it said as far as body fat%.  It has me 2 pounds heavier than the zero scale! So I went down and got 2 8 lb. dumbbells to weigh them.  The Tanita scale weighs them exactly at 16 lbs.  The zero scale weighs them at 15.6 pounds.  This has got me a little confused :lol:  Why would the Tanita have me at 2 pounds heavier??  Either way I’m that 2 pounds heavier than I thought I was!  Oh well.  Going to use the Tanita for a while anyway to kind of track body fat %, since I know that it changes sometimes when weight doesn’t.  I wasn’t really impressed with that 37% I saw though.  Something to work at!

What’s going on

I just thought I’d share what I am up to lately.

Knitting.  I’ve been knitting!  I am working on an OpArt blanket.  Mine will be larger since I have and plan to use 20 skeins of Knit picks Shine worsted.  I think I’ve used about half the yarn so far?  I will share a picture soon.  I always forget how nice it is to just sit and knit, and it is especially nice to be knitting a blanket when it is cold out.  Cozy.

Walking.  The last few days I’ve gotten up early, had coffee, and then went downstairs to walk on the treadmill while watching TV.  I’m only doing a half hour in the morning but I like to mess with the incline so I get a good workout.  I also got outside today for an hour on the parkway.  It was so nice!  No music or anything, just me and my thoughts and the sort of fresh air.  We are having some air quality issues here ;)  My goal is to walk twice most days, once in the morning and then in the afternoon with M.

Cooking.  I was getting lazy there but it is all turned around now.  I’ve been making lots of good stuff and tomorrow I have plans to make carnitas!  And pumpkin donuts.  And peanut butter cookies.  And homemade spicy and breakfast sausages.  And my posole-ish soup.  I guess I’m on a pork kick :lol:  Speaking of soup, I can’t get enough of it!  I’ve been using up the squash in storage to make a pot of soup every week.  M won’t eat squash whole but when I blend it up in soup she really likes it.  Go figure!

On the weight loss front.  I have decided to give up on weight loss – sort of.  I’m not really giving up because I do know that I have fat to lose, but I’m going to change the way I think about it.  I bought an ebook called Lift Like a Girl and read my way through it all.  I don’t know why but it just clicked with me and things seem a lot more hopeful for me now.  I am going to focus on getting strong first and foremost.  So for my activity I’ll be lifting 3 times a week and my cardio will be walking or doing the recumbent bike.  I’d love to be running but it just isn’t in the cards right now.  As far as nutrition, I am going to keep it very simple.  I’m going to get more in tune with my body.  I’m going to eat real food most of the time putting a focus on protein, eat when I’m hungry, and not worry about it!  It has been working great for me so far, mentally anyway.  I am using my Zero scale so we’ll see how I progress as I go.  I will tweak things as I need to to get the results I want.  But honestly I don’t care how long it takes me.  I’ve lost 20 this year and gained probably 10 back – so ultimately I have lost a pound per month. So instead of going nuts and working hard for a few months and then totally slacking, I’m just going to make it as easy as possible for me to maintain changes and new habits.  If I only lose a couple of pounds a month, so be it.  And wherever I end up I will be fine with.  If I focus on getting strong and staying strong, and ultimately getting to where I love how I look, there is a lot more to shoot for than just losing weight.  There is also no end point this way as opposed to losing weight.  I will never be done because this is my life!   Anyway, I’m hopeful, excited, motivated, and feeling happier than I’ve been in the past month and it feels really good.  I’d better go knock on some wood :lol:


Stroke of genius?

So this post is about eating and losing, once again.  It’s okay though because I posted something else unrelated earlier!  I’m trying to figure out what to do.  I want to lose, but I don’t want it to be hard.  I obviously don’t want to count calories.  I have also decided not to get on the scale for a while.  How can I get serious about losing if I don’t want it to be hard and I don’t want to count anything or weigh myself? :lol:  So I was sitting here browsing living healthy and diets.  I guess it makes sense to sort of do a diet to lose some weight.  I am pretty much anti-diet though.  I was searching the best diets and I found this page, so I looked up the dash diet and somehow got directed to an exchange plan type diet.  So I ended up here, and thought well maybe I could do that.  I started writing out my own plan, but in looking at it I was like, well why not just eat balanced meals with protein, veggies and/or fruit, starch, and some fat?  So I scratched the exchange thing, but thought maybe I could still count protein exchanges, since everyone says you should aim for more protein.  Maybe I don’t need more protein, but it couldn’t hurt I guess.  We’ve all heard the 1 gram per pound of lean body mass, so I figured that would be a good start.  So I had the idea, what if I just count protein?  Just protein grams and nothing else, that wouldn’t be too bad would it?  Since my knee is still not back to normal and running is out for a while I will be focusing more on strength and using my muscles.  Makes sense to try and get more protein right?

Maybe I will try this.  For kicks and because I have nothing else to do right now I made up a list of high-protein foods and how many grams are in them.  Did you know a large potato has 8 grams of protein?  It would be interesting I guess to see how much I’m actually getting over time.  This might be an easy way to make some progress that might not make me crazy, hence the thought that I may actually be able to stick with it for more than 3 days :lol:  I wish I didn’t have to play so many head games with myself, but it is what it is.

And completely unrelated to any of this…we have snow!  The sun is shining now but it had been snowing since yesterday, and might keep on going through tonight.  I wasn’t quite ready for it yesterday but it is making me feel cozy today.  This picture tripped me up at first – I took it with my mac camera so of course it is backwards!

The Pittock Mansion


While we were in Portland we decided to visit the Pittock Mansion.  It was pretty cool.  I love seeing old stuff in old houses.  Here are some random shots from the day :)

The Mansion

A cool ceiling

Another cool ceiling


Music room

Old stove

Marble Statue

Amazing view

Ancient shower!

I don’t think the tank is big enough

The sunning room

Old food

It was a really interesting experience and it made me feel poor :lol:  It reminded me of when we went to see the Governor’s mansion here in Salt Lake, just bigger, and the grounds were definitely bigger.  I didn’t get many photos of that.  I would love to have that view from the bedroom!!!